Tems Is No. 9 On Billboard Top 100 Songs of 2022 – Wizkid & Burna Boy Elsewhere On The List

As the year roars to an end, many are counting their blessings and milestones, including the Nigeria singer Tems. It’s Tems, baby! Who in her position wouldn’t celebrate after clinching a huge career milestone?

Billboard recently released its top 100 Songs of 2022 and Tems was sitting right there at no. 9! Of course, that’s a serious accomplishment for the singer. After all, the 100 songs on the list were not taken from Nigeria but from songs released around the world in the period in question.

Tems was able to snag the spot with her number “Free Mind,” which has been doing well in the States and beyond.

While she’s yet to say anything on Instagram about her latest milestone, fans have been doing the talking, celebrating her making the spot. Her inclusion is especially significant because she is the only Nigerian in the top ten spots.

She appeared just above Dave Cameron (10th spot) and just below the likes of Rosalia, Kendrick Lamar, Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, Lizzo, Harry Styles, Beyonce, and Steve Lacy.

Below are the top ten of that list of 100.

  1. Steve Lacy – ‘Bad Habit’
  2. Beyonce – ‘Break My Soul
  3. Harry Styles – ‘As It Was’
  4. Lizzo – ‘About Damn Time’
  5. Taylor Swift – ‘Anti Hero’
  6. Bad Bunny – ‘Titi Me Pregunto’
  7. Kendrick Lamar – ‘N95’
  8. Rosalia – ‘Saoko’
  9. Tems – ‘Free Mind’
  10. Dove Cameron – ‘Boyfriend’

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