Latto and Cardi B Ignite the Music Scene with ‘Put It On Da Floor Again’ Remix

The Power Duo Takes Social Media by Storm with Their Latest Collaboration

The music industry is buzzing with the latest collaboration between Grammy-nominated rapper Latto and chart-topping rapstress Cardi B. The duo has teamed up for a remix of Latto’s viral hit “Put It On Da Floor,” aptly titled “Put It On Da Floor Again.” The remix, which was released with an official music video, has already taken social media by storm.

The original song, produced by Go Grizzly, was first previewed during Latto’s performance at Coachella last month and has since grown into a social media phenomenon. Fans have been literally ripping themselves out of plastic bags to emulate the track’s fiery opening lines. The remix with Cardi B adds a new level of energy and excitement to the already popular track.

The music video, shot in Atlanta, features surprise cameos from Offset, Babydrill, and LSU women’s basketball star Angel Reese. The collaboration marks Cardi’s first guest appearance on a song this year, and the song serves as Cardi’s first musical release of 2023.

The remix has been well received by fans and critics alike. Many have praised the synergy between Latto and Cardi B, noting that their combined energy has taken the song to new heights. The remix has been described as catchy, lit, and a potential song of the summer.

Latto, who has been dubbed the “Queen of Da Souf,” has been steadily rising in the music industry. Her most recent album, “777,” reached No. 15 on the Billboard 200 in 2022, marking a career-best. Meanwhile, Cardi B continues to dominate the charts, with 11 top 10 hits on the Hot 100, five of which have reached the summit. Her debut studio album, “Invasion of Privacy,” peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and has been charting for 200 weeks and counting.

With the release of “Put It On Da Floor Again,” both Latto and Cardi B have once again proven their prowess in the music industry. The remix not only showcases their individual talents but also their ability to create a powerful and memorable collaboration. As the song continues to gain traction, fans and critics alike will undoubtedly be eagerly anticipating what these two artists will bring to the table next.

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