Before Being Assaulted By Bouncers, Mike Tyson Saved Fat Joe And Big Pun

As we get closer to the BET Hip-Hop Awards, get ready to see Fat Joe a lot more. Before the show, Fat Joe and Angie Martinez visited the Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast. During the interview, Fat Joe recalled a time when Tyson saved him and Big Pun from being attacked.

“Pun was like, ‘Yo, twin, just me and you, let’s go to the Tunnel,” Joe recalled, referencing the well-known New York City nightclub. “I said, f*ck it, let’s go to the Tunnel. Now, Pun was really so big that the Tunnel, [it] was so violent that they make you take your boots off.”

“Pun didn’t want to take his boots off because, you know, he’s a big guy,” the rapper continued. “So, he start arguing with this one bouncer. Next thing you know, it’s two bouncers like, ‘Yo, f*ck them, this this that.’ Before you know it, it turns into like, five bouncers, six bouncers. At this point, I grab Pun, I said, ‘You do know, we gonna get f*cked up. They gon’ beat the sh*t out us.’ ‘F*ck them n*ggas!’ So, I go turn, ‘F*ck y’all!’ We talkin’ that sh*t and outta nowhere they’re about to beat us up and you hear a voice.”

“‘Aye yo, Joe! Pun’s right, f*ck these n*ggas!'” Fat Joe said while impersonating Tyson. “I turn around, it’s Iron Mike Tyson!”

Check out more the conversation in the video below

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