The Internet Does Not Appreciate The Qatar World Cup Song Being Teased By That Nicki Minaj

For teasing a 2022 FIFA World Cup anthem, Nicki Minaj has faced criticism. The rapper posted a teaser image of three pairs of football boots on Instagram.

Three singers—Minaj, Maluma, and Myriam Fares—from three different countries are featured on each boot. The three numbers—11, 18, and 22—appear to suggest that the single will be released this week’s end, on Friday, November 18. The backlash was swift, with many pointing out Nicki Minaj’s hypocrisy in light of the fact that she has a queer fan-base that cannot travel to Qatar to watch the World Cup safely due to the host nation’s anti-LGBT+ laws.

Despite many fans boycotting the competition over Qatar’s record on LGBTQ+ rights, the FIFA World Cup will begin on Sunday, November 20. Same-sex relationships are punishable by death under Sharia law, and under Qatar’s Penal Code of 2004, LGBT people can be sentenced to up to seven years in jail if found guilty of having sex.

The ambassador of Qatar to the UK stated that LGBTQ+ visitors can “hold hands,” but he added that they should be “mindful” of “public displays of affection.” The German government denounced last week’s remarks by a World Cup envoy from Qatar, who in an interview with German television referred to homosexuality as “damage in the mind.”

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