Timaya’s Attitude Towards Whitemoney’s In-Studio Music Creation Stirs Social Media Reactions

Veteran Nigerian Dancehall musician, Timaya, was visibly disappointed during a recent studio session with reality TV star Hazel Onou, better known by his stage name, Whitemoney.

On Wednesday, April 17, 2024, a video of them working together went viral on social media, showing Timaya’s disbelieving response to Whitemoney’s out-of-the-ordinary performance. In the clip, Whitemoney seemed happy to collaborate with Timaya in the video, miming to the sound engineer’s compositions.

But Timaya waited for an input from Whitemoney’s, who adopted a non-traditional adlib strategy, producing surprising noises that made the other studio patrons giggle. Timaya, who is well-known for his lucrative music career, seemed disappointed and uninterested as he saw Whitemoney’s antics.

His expressions were an stark comparison to the other attendees’ responses, as they showed a lack of enthusiasm for Whitemoney’s performance.

Online conversations have been triggered by the video of the session, with viewers interested in learning more about Whitemoney’s unique approach and how it might mesh with Timaya’s musical background. As it would seem, Whitemoney is still on the mission to disprove his haters and clear the doubts of all who do not rate his music.

To further the reach of his sound, the reality TV star signed with Banky W’s EME media company months ago, which also triggered several reactions from social media users.

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