Tonto Dikeh Outlines What Should Happen To Her Children If She Dies Suddenly

Tonto Dikeh, a well-known Nigerian actress and politician, took to Instagram lately to make a puzzling statement that alarmed many. Tonto Dikeh requested her followers in an Instagram message sent on Sunday to tell her children how much she loves them if she died unexpectedly.

Tonto Dikeh Outlines What Should Happen To Her Children If She Dies Suddenly, Yours Truly, News, February 25, 2024

Tonto Dikeh celebrated the 7th birthday of her son, King Andre, earlier this year. The African Democratic Congress (ADC) deputy governorship candidate received seven massive cakes to commemorate the occasion. Tonto Dikeh remarked in another Instagram post that her son would know she lived for him when he gets older.

Tonto Dikeh claims she stopped living for herself a long time ago and is still alive to ensure her son’s future.

After admitting she has a “bad heart,” Tonto Dikeh opened up last two months about her desire to live a long and healthy life. The actress informed her followers of this via Instagram. She stated that she wanted to live a long time and that her main goal in life was to make sure she could be there for her son.

Additionally, following Davido’s alleged extramarital affairs, the actress recently defended him. Davido is one of those persons, in Tonto Dikeh’s opinion, who can do no wrong in your eyes. Despite harsh criticism over his growing list of baby mamas, the politician and actress from Nollywood made it plain that she will support Davido.

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