Travis Kelce Will Not Be In Attendance For Grammys With Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been attending her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s games to support him, but he won’t do the same on her big Grammy night—and for good reason. According to people with firsthand knowledge, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs will be travelling to Las Vegas the weekend of music’s biggest event. He and the squad will adhere to a rigorous program in preparation for playing the 49ers in the Super Bowl.

There has been speculation that Taylor Swift would attend the Grammys with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, but it seems unlikely due to Kelce’s Super Bowl commitments. Although Kelce won’t be playing in the Pro Bowl on the same day as the Grammys, it has been confirmed that he won’t be able to attend the music awards event with Swift. Sources have revealed that Swift must find another companion or attend the event alone. It’s essential to note that the conflict in their schedules does not imply any trouble in their relationship. Kelce expressed his love for Swift after the Chiefs qualified for the Super Bowl, indicating they’re doing fine. Swift has been nominated for six awards at the event.

Although Swift has openly backed Kelce, several NFL players have taken issue with her game attendance. Swift and Kelce have reportedly talked about shutting out all of the “outside noise” regularly. Kelce is aware of the criticism aimed at his girlfriend. Fortunately, with his attention solely on football, he won’t have to hear any of it on a significant showbiz stage. Swift is more than capable of managing her affairs in the public eye.

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