Travis Scott’s Google Information Briefly Mixed Up With Young Thug’s

It’s another case of mistaken identity.

Having someone or people or a group of persons always constantly mistaking you for someone else can really start to get on your nerves, right? And that is you as a regular person, now imagine how agonizing it must be for very famous celebrities. That happens to be Young Thug and Travis Scott’s reality.

On many occasions, Travis Scott has lashed out and sometimes even gets physical with people that mistake him for one artiste or the other. Like what is going in person is not enough, the mistaken identity trolling found its way to the internet. But what is more disturbing is how this discovery was made.

Usually, when you’re in a mental fix and want answers real quick without spending so much time on thinking, or when you wish to learn something new, you hop on the always-accessible portal that is the Google search engine. In the same manner, someone decided to randomly search for “Young Thug”, which produced Travis scott’s photos and information.

The same thing happened when “Travis Scott” was searched for. While this is way below Google, it might have also been as result of some unprecedented technicality glitch beyond their control, which is really sad for such a media giant.

Though all seems to be well now, We captured the historic moment on screenshots as you can see below:

Travis Scott'S Google Information Briefly Mixed Up With Young Thug'S, Yours Truly, News, February 28, 2024

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