Trending Video Resurfaces As Wizkid Speaks On Davido And Fans Rivalry

A trending video has recently resurfaced where Nigerian superstar Ibrahim Ayodeji Balogun, also known as Wizkid, openly discussed his professional rivalry with colleague Davido. Fans have long quarrelled over a variety of issues involving some of the greatest artists—Wizkid and Davido being the largest at the time—which has led to tension between the singers. This tension between Wizkid and Davido has often fueled intense debates among their respective fan bases, with each side passionately defending their favourite artist. Despite the rivalry, both artists have achieved remarkable success in the music industry, solidifying their positions as two of Nigeria’s biggest musical exports.

Recognized for his wealth and fame, the “Essence” hitmaker said in the video that he is not into personal feuds and has more “important things” to do. He is focused on his music career and creating meaningful content for his fans. Additionally, he believes in using his platform to spread positivity and inspire others rather than engaging in unnecessary conflicts.

The interviewer in the video inquired whether he would share a drink with Davido. In response, Wizkid claims he gets along with everyone. He stated,

“I’m cool with everyone; if you pray for me, I will pray for you, but if you swear for me, I will swear for you, too. I have a son, a three-year-old son. I have more important issues to deal with in my life; I’m not into beef or online shit; I have real-life problems. I’m just trying to survive and live my life. I’m a gentle boy and am living my life lowkey.”


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