DJ Envy Stirs Up Feud Between Rick Ross and 50 Cent In Car Show Rivalry

DJ Envy, co-host of The Breakfast Club, has escalated his ongoing car show rivalry with Rick Ross by involving Ross’s longtime adversary, 50 Cent, in the feud. The feud between DJ Envy and Rick Ross, which began with social media exchanges regarding their competing car shows, took an unexpected turn when DJ Envy posted a photo on Instagram of himself with 50 Cent at a restaurant.

In the Instagram caption, DJ Envy quoted lyrics from Drake’s verse in Rick Ross’s 2012 hit “Stay Schemin’,” while using the hashtag #BeigeRage to reclaim a previous insult made by Rick Ross.

While the post received mixed reactions from fans, with some dismissing it as a “soft move,” others eagerly awaited Rick Ross’s response, anticipating a fiery retaliation. The feud between DJ Envy and Rick Ross intensified after Ross declared that Envy “was never on my level” when it comes to hosting car shows during an appearance on the Drink Champs podcast.

DJ Envy fired back on The Breakfast Club, mocking Ross’s permit issues for his upcoming car show and highlighting his own car shows scheduled in Memphis and Houston. Ross responded by pressuring DJ Envy to donate all proceeds from his Memphis car show to Young Dolph’s family and warning him to “bow down, beige boy.”

In the latest twist, DJ Envy attempted to further provoke Rick Ross by involving 50 Cent, who has a long-standing feud with Ross. Although Ross and 50 Cent’s beef had cooled off in recent years, the two occasionally exchange jabs. The involvement of 50 Cent adds another layer of tension to the already heated car show rivalry.

Both DJ Envy and Rick Ross have been hosting rival car shows in the coming weeks, with Ross’s car show facing pressure from the city council to cancel. The feud has captivated fans, with many eagerly awaiting the next move from both parties.

The car show rivalry between DJ Envy and Rick Ross has not only sparked intense social media exchanges but has also brought attention to their respective events. Fans and critics alike are closely watching the developments, waiting to see how the feud unfolds and how it may impact the success of their car shows.

As DJ Envy pulls 50 Cent into the mix, the feud between him and Rick Ross shows no signs of cooling down. With the involvement of these high-profile personalities, the car show rivalry has taken on a new dimension and captured the attention of hip-hop fans around the world.

This ongoing feud serves as a reminder that rivalries and conflicts within the music industry can lead to unexpected alliances and fiery confrontations. As fans await the next chapter in this car show rivalry, it remains to be seen how DJ Envy, Rick Ross, and even 50 Cent will further escalate the tension or find a way to resolve their differences.

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