Viral Video Resurfaces As Whitemoney Recounts How Bouncers Stopped Him From Meeting Burna

A video featuring singer and former Big Brother Naija housemate Whitemoney narrating how he was prevented from meeting Grammy-winning artist Burna Boy at a party in Lagos has been circulating once more on social media. Remember how a video purportedly showing the moment Whitemoney was refused access while attempting to greet artist Burna Boy at an event leaked online on February 23, 2022?

Whitemoney’s attempt to greet Burna Boy led to a range of responses, including an incident where security stopped him. Despite this challenge, Whitemoney handled the situation calmly, leaving the scene while sipping his drink. In a bid to clear the air, though, Whitemoney addressed the speculation that Burna Boy’s bouncers bounced him, clarifying that it was his own bouncers who prevented him from meeting the ‘I Told Them’ singer.

During his interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, in his discussion on the dynamics between celebrities and their fans, Whitemoney highlighted the importance of maintaining a solid connection with supporters. He compared the relationship to the one between politicians and their constituents, emphasizing that fans vote for celebrities by consuming their content, contributing to their success. The reality star stresses the significance of this connection, which plays a vital role in the rise to stardom and career success of celebrities.

Whitemoney said,

“We were at a party, and I heard that Burnaboy had just walked in. I’m a huge fan of Burna; left where I was because I wanted to go and greet him. I asked if I could say hi to burna, and they asked why? That was when I just withdrew, so people thought it was his bouncers bouncing, me, but it was my bouncer that told me, ‘Oga make we comot for here’. “I’m not even sure Burna saw me, because I don’t think he’ll see me one on one, and he’ll tell me not to greet him. I know how many times I’ve told my bouncer, let them [fans and supporters] come greet me, if I lose them, would you pay me?

“These are the people who put me there. It is people who voted. It’s just like politics; if we vote you, we need access to you so if we vote you and we’ve made you a millionaire and you’re coming out to do buga.”

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