Tyla Teaches Jennifer Hudson How To Do The Mzansi “Water” Dance

The entire country of South Africa couldn’t be more proud of Tyla, who is currently sweeping the globe with her vivacious personality and jaw-dropping singing and dancing skills. The singing sensation made a surprise appearance on TV as a host on Jennifer Hudson’s TV talk show.

It came as no surprise that a celebrity like Jennifer Hudson welcomed the singer from South Africa for a conversation that culminated with Tyla teaching the Dreamgirl how to do the “Water”  dance. J Hud have Tyla her flowers and also congratulated her on her very first Grammy nomination.

Tyla said she was proud to bring her dreams of a having South African artist play on the global stage alongside other greats. She also talked about life after making her breakthrough in the global music scene with “Water.”

Then, finally, she showed the talk show host how to do the acclaimed “Water” dance. Another highlight of Tyla’s interview was her thick but absolutely adorable South African accent, which fans can’t get enough of.

Tyla’s global smash hit single has been amassing fan love and huge streaming numbers. To further boost its reach and tighten her grip on the US market, she released the remix of the highly anticipated remix for her hit song, “Water,” featuring none other than Travis Scott.

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