UFC Champion Israel Adesanya Join Davido’s ‘Unavailable’ Challenge Trend

International Stars Embrace the Viral Dance Challenge, Showcasing the Global Influence of Afrobeats

The ‘Unavailable Challenge’, initiated by Nigerian superstar Davido, continues to make waves globally, with international celebrities joining the viral trend. Recently, Nigerian-born UFC champion Israel Adesanya and American singer Chris Brown were seen participating in the challenge, further amplifying its reach.

Adesanya, known for his prowess in the ring, showcased his dance skills in a video posted on his social media. The UFC champion was seen performing the dance steps associated with the ‘Unavailable Challenge’ alongside a friend, even adding a bit of his unique style to the mix. The video, captioned “Emotionally Unavailable – Davido, Mr. OBO,” was met with a wave of positive reactions from fans and fellow celebrities alike.

Davido himself responded to Adesanya’s video with a tweet, expressing his excitement and approval. The singer quoted Adesanya’s post, writing “Champ 🌎❤️,” acknowledging the UFC champion’s participation in the challenge.Ufc Champion Israel Adesanya Join Davido'S 'Unavailable' Challenge Trend, Yours Truly, News, May 25, 2024

Chris Brown, known for his impressive dance skills, also joined the ‘Unavailable Challenge’. His participation further solidifies the global appeal of the challenge and by extension, the influence of Afrobeats on the international music scene.

The ‘Unavailable Challenge’ is based on Davido’s hit song ‘Unavailable’, from his fourth studio album. The challenge involves performing a series of hand signs and dance steps in sync with the song. Since its inception, it has been embraced by fans and celebrities worldwide, including the daughter of American rapper Lil Wayne, Reginae Carter.

The participation of international celebrities like Israel Adesanya and Chris Brown in the ‘Unavailable Challenge’ underscores the global influence of Afrobeats and its ability to transcend cultural and geographical boundaries. As the challenge continues to trend, fans eagerly await to see which celebrity will be next to join the viral dance trend.

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