Video Director, Unlimited L.A., Reveals Why There’s More Nudity In Recent Nigerian Music Videos

Popular cinematographer Buari Olalekan Oluwasegun, also referred to as Unlimited L.A., recently discussed the incorporation of foreign cultures and nudity in Nigerian music videos in an interview with Channels Television. According to Unlimited L.A., this tendency is the result of musicians catering to the needs and desires of their fans.

Based on who their target audience is—especially in the U.S., Europe, or Africa—he claims that some musicians specifically ask directors to include specific cultures or nudity in their films.

He stated that the integration of different cultures is driven by the need to establish a connection with a wide audience, thereby acknowledging the influence of Nigerians in the diaspora.

Unlimited L.A stressed that this is a calculated strategy to appeal to a wider audience, even though it is acknowledged that it can be seen as undermining cultural respect and decency.

He also emphasized the noteworthy advancements in Nigerian cinematography, pointing out the change from the country being the primary location for music videos shot outside to Nigeria being the primary location for Afrobeats videos these days.

In addition, Unlimited L.A. stated months ago in an earlier interview that he typically builds relationships with artists before working on their videos.

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