Wack 100 Argues Over The Notorious B.I.G’s Unrecognized Legendary Status

The Game was on Drink Champs recently and while his stay there lasted, Wack 100 showed up to join him. As the chat carried on, Wack argued that Tupac Shakur and Nipsey Hussle died as legends, but not The Notorious B.I.G.

“Tupac died a legend, Biggie didn’t,” Wack said. “His body of work—movies, double CDS, albums that went quadruple… He was dead before his first album came out—” Here, Wack was stopped in his tracks for some correction. “Second album. He became [a legend] . Over the years, motherf*ckas remake the songs, he became that.”

Sadly, Biggie was also offed just before his sophomore LP could drop. Both Pac and Biggie were standout talents the hip-hop world will forever miss. It’s rather sad how gang and hood violence have abridged the lives of many rising, promising acts in hip-hop over the years.

Wack was also of the opinion that Nipsey was ripe for the attainment of legendary status, but before that can happen, he says more films and music should be made to be centered around him. Noreaga tried to have him define what a “legend” is.

“We’re talking music…” was Wack’s response, before The Game chimed in with a question that seemed to shift the line of conversation.

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