Watch Burna Boy’s The Black River: Whiskey Documentary

Grammy-winning Nigerian Afrobeats singer and songwriter Burna Boy has released “The Black River: Whiskey Documentary,” detailing the struggles of the people from his hometown of Port Harcourt.

Some believe that using your platform to create change and touch lives is the best thing anyone can do. Nigerian singer Burna Boy was once a bit living in Port Harcourt city in Rivers State, Nigeria, before he became one of the world’s most prominent musicians. Burna has been vocal about who he is, his struggles, and the people surrounding him.

Burna Boy’s The Black River: Whiskey Documentary

Through his music, we have learned so much about the African giant. The “Love Dlamini” star took things up a notch by releasing a documentary via his platform detailing the struggles of the people in Port Harcourt. Titled “The Black River: Whiskey Documentary,” the video features several of the city’s residents and some of the things they’ve lost as a result of the ills in the city.

According to them, floods have claimed businesses, bad roads have hindered transport, and soot has endangered their health. The video also features instrumentals and vocals from the Grammy winner. Burna published the documentary via his YouTube channel, which boasts over 3.49 million subscribers. Watch it below.

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