Watch Drake Perform “I Want It That Way” With The Backstreet Boys In Toronto

It was a big surprise for concertgoers in Toronto as Drake joined the Backstreet Boys for a rendition of “I Want it That Way,” the American boy band’2009 hit.

The song is significant for the Canadian, according to his admission. It was his first memory of being acknowledged by a girl, and it was the first time he said he had a shot at being cool. Well, times change, and now Drake is as cool as can be.

In fact, his success with women has been phenomenal, a reality the songster routinely acknowledges in his song and loudly affirmed with the title of one of his albums, “Certified Lover Boy.”

The Backstreet Boys is a five-person band that originated in Florida. During the Toronto performance, Drake was jocularly called the sixth member by show attendees. He performed well with the group. You can check out their performance below.

by the way, the Canadian also sang his hit song “Just Hold On We’re Going Home” as part of his performance.

“I Want it That Way” is currently one of the most-streamed songs in the world, with an impressive 1 billion-plus views on youtube alone. If you’re not conversant with it, it’s available for your viewing pleasure right here.

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