A Shot Of Whiskey: Burna Boy Teases Mini Documentary On Port Harcourt People

It is just a few hours to 7 p.m. Nigerian time and expectations are high over a doccie that Nigerian singer Burna Boy is about to release on the City of Port Harcourt. The songster was born there, so it was easy deciding to make a doccie about the city.

In a recent post on his verified Instagram channel, he shared a teaser about the imminent documentary, which gave a clue that he was trying to interrogate the structural abnormalities of Port Harcourt and so much more.

But this is beyond him telling a story; he is giving a platform for people to tell their stories, all under the influence of “Whiskey.” No, we don’t mean alcohol. Lol.

Then ease clip showed the city in its seedy state, oil spillage and all, with people who appeared totally divorced from hope and just merely existing. The teaser on its own should ignite interest in the full doccie. If you haven’t seen the teaser, you might want to check it out below.

The reactions to the clip so far indicate fans are pleased with the initiative and just can’t wait to watch the full documentary.

Well, it’s just a few hours to 7 p.m. And then y’all can have your fill of the doccie.

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