With Kid Reporter Jazzy, J. Cole Discusses Perseverance And Being Nervous Around Jay-Z

J. Cole took to the Governors Ball festival stage in New York City hot off the CEBL court with the Scarborough Shooting Stars. Following his brief stay with the Canadian basketball team, the Dreamville mogul joked about brushing up on his rap skills, and Jazzy’s WorldTV was able to catch up with the hit-maker backstage before his performance.

Cole paused in his stride to ensure he gave time to the young star, who is recognized for her wholesome chats with our favorite celebrities. “Persistence is important because…let’s say you want something really bad and you keep trying, and you keep trying, and you keep trying, and on the tenth try you don’t get it still,” Cole said.

“What if you didn’t know that on your eleventh try you would have made it?” asked the rapper. “You would have made it happen and got what you wanted to get.” Cole went on to add that “if you really, truly love something and you truly believe you should just do it for the love,” even if you don’t achieve the lofty goal you set for yourself, you were able to carry it out successfully because “you were still doing something you love.”

Jazzy remembers Cole standing outside Jay-Z’s office attempting to attract the rapper’s attention, and she claimed she did the same for the rapper. Jazzy’s interview with J. Cole can be found below.

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