Yung Joc Spills The Tea On How T-Pain’s “Buy U A Drank” Was Pieced Together

If you’re curious about how T-Pain came up with his smash hit “Buy U A Drank,” Yung Joc recently revealed that the song was inspired by Lil Flip’s refusal to shake T-hand. Pain’s During a Friday interview with Vlad TV, Joc recounted the incident.

T-Pain was a big fan of Flip’s at the time and wanted to meet him, according to Joc, but when he went to shake Flip’s hand, Flip surprised him by leaving his hand hanging. Following that unexpected event, Joc offered to buy T-Pain a drink to cheer him up, only to be contacted months later to appear on “Buy U A Drank.”

“How can I make a song called ‘Buy You A Drank,’ and you’re probably the only n***a that bought me a drink?” T-Pain is quoted by Joc as saying. T-Pain replied with a cap emoji to a video posted on The Shade Room.

The monster hit record went on to reach the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 2007, the year it was also released. Later in the interview, Joc admitted that getting the music cleared was initially tough. Check out the rest of Joc’s interview below for more inside scoop.

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