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Emma Stone Basic Information

Stage Name:Emma Stone
Real Name:Emily Jean “Emma” Stone
Occupation:Actress and Philanthropist
Date Of Birth/Age:6 November 1988 (35 Years Old)
Place of Birth:Scottsdale, Arizona.
Marital Status:Married
  • Sequoya Elementary School
  • Cocopah Middle School.
Height:5Ft 7In
Net Worth:$45M

Emma Stone Biography

Emma Stone, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Founder and CEO of a general contracting firm, Jeffrey Charles Stone and homemaker Krista Jean Stone (née Yeager) welcomed Stone into the world on November 6, 1988, in Scottsdale, Arizona. From the age of twelve to fifteen, she resided on the property of the Camelback Inn resort. Spencer is her younger sibling. Her paternal grandpa, Conrad Ostberg Sten, came from a Swedish family whose last name was anglicized to “Stone” when they moved to the United States via Ellis Island. Her ancestry also includes Irish, Scottish, English, and German.

Stone frequently cried as a baby due to baby colic, which caused her voice cords to grow calluses and nodules as a toddler. Stone received his elementary education at Sequoya Elementary School and her middle school education at Cocopah Middle School. Even though she disliked school, she claimed that because of her overbearing personality, “I made sure I got all As.”Stone claims that having panic episodes and anxiety as a child had a negative impact on her social abilities. She attended treatment but believes that participating in local theatrical productions helped her recover from the attacks.

Later, she enrolled at Xavier College Preparatory but left after just one semester to concentrate on acting. She used to work part-time at a dog treat bakery between acting auditions. Stone said she has asthma, which she learned after experiencing respiratory problems while filming Easy A.



Emma Stone, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Her mother, Krista Jean Stone, was a stay-at-home mom, and her father, Jeffrey Charles Stone, was the company’s founder and CEO.

Emma Stone, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

In 2008, she saw her mother’s triple-negative breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Stone and her mother commemorated the occasion by having Paul McCartney-designed tattoos of birds’ feet as a nod to their appreciation for the Beatles song “Blackbird.”


Emma Stone, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Stone’s family is very important to her. Spencer Stone is her brother.


Emma Stone, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

She has a daughter named Louise Jean McCary with Dave.


Emma Stone, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

With whom she co-starred in The Amazing Spiderman (2012) and its sequel, Emma Stone dated Andrew Garfield. But in 2015, they split up. In the aftermath, she was seen dating Eran Ulkin and Eddie Geiger. Emma Stone and writer, director, and comedian Dave McCary began dating in 2017. Their first child, a daughter named Louise Jean McCary, was born to the couple in March 2021 after they were married in 2020.


Emma Stone, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

In the 2004 American TV show “The Partridge Family”, Emma Stone made her television debut. She took on small appearances in subsequent seasons of sitcoms, including Malcolm in the Middle and Drive. In the teen comedy Superbad from 2007, she made her acting debut. Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, and Seth Rogen were among the performers who appeared in the Greg Mottola-directed movie. Jules was a character that Stone played in a supporting role. A Young Hollywood Award was given to her for her outstanding performance.

The following year, she appeared in a supporting role in the American comedy The Rocker. The movie, directed by Peter Cattaneo, is about a failed musician who joins his nephew’s band on tour. Emma Stone played a persona named Amelia. She also had a supporting role in the 2009 film Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. The movie, directed by Mark Waters, had a mediocre box office performance. Her subsequent film included Crazy Stupid Love (2011), Friends with Benefits (2011), Paper Man (2009), and Zombieland (2009).

She rose to fame and received praise for her performance in The Amazing Spiderman (2012), a superhero movie based on the well-known Spiderman character from Marvel Comics. The Marc Webb-directed movie centres on Peter Parker, a young New Yorker whose life is revolutionized when a genetically modified spider bites him. He thus acquires superhuman abilities and adopts the Spiderman persona. Parker’s girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, was portrayed by Emma Stone. The movie enjoyed great commercial success. The year after, she appeared in the American comedies Movie 43 and the crime drama Gangster Squad. She then had an appearance in the action comedy The Croods. She also frequently appeared as the Saturday Night Live host on television.

Emma Stone, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Emma Stone played Gwen Stacy again in The Amazing Spiderman 2 in 2014. Like its predecessor, the movie enjoyed tremendous box office success. Her subsequent movies included Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016), Aloha (2015), and Magic in the Moonlight (2014). Her performance in the 2016 American musical comedy La La Land was one of her most lucrative appearances. The Damien Chazelle-written and -directed movie was a great hit and won numerous Oscars. The tale centred around a musician and an aspiring actress who meet and fall in love with one another. It was probably the most popular movie of the year. Stone won the Best Actress Oscar for her outstanding performance.

Emma Stone portrayed Billie Jean King, a former tennis star, in the biographical sports movie Battle of the Sexes in 2017. She played Abigail Masham in the historical black comedy The Favourite the following year. She portrayed Eep Crood in The Croods: A New Age in 2020. She acted as Cruella de Vil and executive produced the crime comedy Cruella in 2021. Emma Stone’s famous early project was the 2010 American family comedy Marmaduke. The movie, directed by Tom Dey, featured Stone in a pivotal part. Other actors in the film included Marlon Wayans, Steve Copgan, George Lopez, and Owen Wilson. The movie had mediocre commercial success, though it was a Teen Choice Award nominee.

Emma Stone, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Net Worth

Еmmа Ѕtоnе’s net worth is estimated to be around $45 million.


Emma Stone, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Emma Stone has a splendid car collection, including a Tesla Model S, Audi Q5, Audi S6, and a Mini Cooper S.


Emma Stone, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

Even though she has received much media attention, she won’t publicly discuss her private life. Stone has stated that she is concerned with leading a “normal” life and does not focus much on media attention. 2009, Stone relocated from Los Angeles to Greenwich Village in New York. She returned to Los Angeles in 2016. She had a house in Malibu that was up for sale shortly afterwards.

Movies & TV Shows

Emma Stone, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023

The movies by Oliver Stone that have received the most praise from critics and audiences alike are Superbad (2007), Zombieland (2009), Easy A (2010), Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011), The Help (2011), The Amazing Spiderman (2012), The Amazing Spiderman 2 (2014), Birdman (2014), La La Land (2016), Battle of the Sexes (2017), The Favourite (2018), and Cruella (2021).

In recognition of her performance in the 2016 film La La Land, Emma Stone received three awards: an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a British Film Academy Award. Three Screen Actors Guild Awards have been given to her, one for each of the parts she played in the films The Help (2012), Birdman (2015), and La La Land (2017). The Critics’ Choice Movie Award for the 2012 film The Help and the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for the 2014 film The Amazing Spiderman are among Stone’s further honours. Other honours include the Volpi Cup for Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival, Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role at the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards, and Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical at the 74th Golden Globe Awards.

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