Williams Uchemba

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Williams Uchemba Basic Information

Stage Name:Williams Uchemba
Real Name:Williams Uchemba
Occupation:Actor, Producer, Model, Entrepreneur, Comedian
Date Of Birth/Age:22nd October 1994 (29) Years Old
Place of Birth:Abia State, Nigeria
Marital Status:Married
Education:University of Nigeria, Nsukka
Height:1.75 m
Net Worth:$4.2M

Williams Uchemba Biography

Williams Uchemba is a well-known actor, comedian, and businessman from Nigeria. He was born in Nigeria’s Abia State on October 14, 1993. Williams Uchemba started as an amateur actor before becoming well-known for his parts in Nollywood productions, including “The Journey of the Dead,” “Hoodrush,” and “Merry Men 2.” He is also well-known for his humorous sketches on Instagram and TikTok.

Williams Uchemba is a comedian, actor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the creator of the Williams Uchemba Foundation, a non-governmental organization that helps poor children and teenagers in Nigeria by providing resources and support.

Williams Uchemba, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023



Chief Uche-Mbah is his father, and his mother’s identity is unknown.


Sandra Uchemba, a former Nollywood actor, is William Uchemba’s sister.

Williams Uchemba, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023


In February 2022, Chikamara Isabella Uchemba, a girl, was born to Williams and his wife. The thrilled new father wrote a song for his child and gave his wife a car as a push present.

Williams Uchemba, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023

The actor announced that he had adopted an 18-year-old furniture manufacturer and intended to pay for his studies until he received his university degree in June 2020. On June 18, 2020, the movie actor announced this on his Instagram page.

He described his conversation with the young man and the process behind his choice. He claimed that he had gone furniture shopping when he ran into the teen in the store. Uchemba claims that after talking with him, he decided to help the bright young man.

Williams Uchemba, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023


In 2020, Williams wed the love of his life. At the bride’s house in Anambra, Williams and Brunella Chinelo Oscar Nwaolisa were married according to tradition. On November 21, 2020, the pair held a white wedding in Lagos. The wife of Williams Uchemba is a doctor. In England, the UK, at Hull York Medical School, she earned her master’s degree.

Before getting married, she also spent some time working at the facility. Brunella first encountered Williams in one of his videos on Facebook in 2017. In that clip, she watched him preach the gospel and was convinced he would be her spouse. To support her husband’s ambitions, Brunella suspended her medical career. Instead, she now manages his company.

Williams Uchemba, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023


Net Worth

Williams Uchemba’s estimated net worth is $4.2 million. His acting career and brand endorsements account for most of it.


Williams Uchemba recently recounted how God gave him two luxury SUVs, a Mercedes Benz, and a Range Rover. According to him, he planned to use the money he had been saving to help a church project and use the remaining funds to purchase a car for someone who badly needed one approximately a month before he received the two SUVs. Uchemba showcased his posh Range Rover and Mercedes Benz SUVs on his Instagram feed.

Williams Uchemba, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023

The skilled actor also bought a Mercedes Benz C-Class for 17 million naira to commemorate his birthday, in addition to the Range Rover and Mercedes Benz.


Williams Uchemba purchased a luxurious home in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. The adorable and opulent-looking home has all the interior furnishings and atmosphere you need to feel at home. The house reportedly cost over a staggering 500 million naira. He said the house was the product of his labor and God’s kindness.

Williams Uchemba, Yours Truly, People, November 28, 2023


Uchemba has starred in several films. They include Quam’s Money, Sugar Rush, Merry Men 2, Story Story: The African Rideshare – Rider, The World of Riches, The World of Riches 2, Dorathy My Love 1&2, Beyond Belief 1&2, and many more appearances.

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