Fans React After ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ Is Removed From YouTube

After 13 years, The Wendy Williams Show ended last month, and now fans are in shock at a sort of second ending. It looks that YouTube has removed the show’s whole presence. The Wendy Williams Show’s YouTube page appears to have vanished, as a search for videos on the website turns up no official clips from the program, as Variety first reported on Monday.

The websites for the show appear to have likewise been disabled. Fans have taken notice since it might mean that all of the films, videos, and moments from the past 13 years are completely unavailable and unreachable.

“The Wendy Williams Show YouTube channel being deleted on the 4th of July is almost fitting. It’s the last straw of the current downfall of America,” one user tweeted. “I’m in shambles.”

Fans React After 'The Wendy Williams Show' Is Removed From Youtube, Yours Truly, News, March 3, 2024

Fans were quick to express their fury, with emotions ranging from rage to despair to bewilderment.

Although some exaggerated responses were expected, very few people praised the decision, and Sherri Shephard, whose own daytime talk program, Sherri, is scheduled to premiere in September, received a lot of criticism or suspicion.

The 57-year-old media star “is OK with everything that has happened with the show up until this point,” a source said to ET late last month.

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