Grant Williams Awarded $7m For 23-years Wrongful Conviction

Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Grant Williams has been released from prison after 23 years behind bars for a murder he didn’t commit. According to a report from The Hill,  Grant Williams has also been awarded a $7M settlement following his wrongful conviction. The award was announced on Monday by New York City Comptroller Brad Lander.

Grant Williams had, earlier in 2021, filed a claim against New York City for his wrongful imprisonment following his exoneration last July of the 1996 murder of Shdell Lewis. In the lawsuit, Williams claimed that he was subjected to police misconduct and civil rights violations during his incarceration. Williams has now been awarded his claims after winning the lawsuit.

In an announcement on Monday, New York City Comptroller Brad Lander regretted the wrongful incarceration of Grant Williams and how long the imprisonment lasted before the truth was uncovered. However, he also expressed happiness and satisfaction at the speedy hearing and awarding of the claims, effectively bringing the case to a resolution.

Williams was in 1999 convicted of the murder of Shdell Lewis after the testimony of an eyewitness linked him to the crime. However, neither Williams confessed to the crime nor any other credible evidence, including forensic evidence or surveillance video, connected him to the murder.

In a case which looked predetermined before William’s conviction, the police reportedly ignored several reports exonerating Williams, including an eyewitness account and a report from the officer who chased the gunman, saying the description he gave didn’t match Williams.

Reacting to the award in an interview with Associated Press, Willaims lawyer Irven Cohen remarked the state had finally done the right thing. He added that aside from the $7m, the state has also awarded Williams $5m in a related claim.

Following his exoneration, the Wu-Tang Clan studio worker has since been welcomed back into the clan by his friends and colleagues.

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