Basketmouth “Uburu” EP Review



  • Genre: AfroSounds
  • Date: 27 Oct, 2023
  • Content: Explicit
  • Track(s): 07
  • @ Barons World Entertainment

Basketmouth &Quot;Uburu&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 23, 2024

Basketmouth is a master at assembling a lineup of star-studded artists and creating engaging music arrangements, as he has already proven in his previous two albums, “Yabasi” and “Horoscopes.” With his latest project, “Uburu,” he continues to showcase his appeal by attracting prominent artists like Shatta Wale, Boj, Timi Dakolo, Duncan Mighty, and more. This 7-track album is a testament to the depth of Basketmouth’s connections in the music industry and highlights his high-quality input in his musical endeavours. Basketmouth’s artistic versatility and prowess are evident in his ability to consistently bring together such a wealth of talent and create captivating music. “Uburu” is another remarkable achievement in his journey as a musician and entertainer, cementing his position as a celebrated figure in the Nigerian entertainment landscape.

Album Art

Basketmouth &Quot;Uburu&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 23, 2024

The artwork for the “Uburu” album sets itself apart from previous releases. It showcases Basketmouth against a dark backdrop, with an expressionless face and a large brain hovering over his head, depicted in an artistic manner that makes it appear like it is on fire. This unique album art is definitely a conversation starter and adds to the overall appeal of the album.

Tracks And Features

Basketmouth’s album is a musical masterpiece that offers a unique blend of hip-hop and high-life genres. The album features seven tracks that showcase Basketmouth’s exceptional artistry, with guest appearances from top Nigerian artists, including BOJ, Duncan Mighty, Timi Dakolo, Torrian Ball, Reminisce, Peruzzi, and more. The album explores various themes, such as hustling, romance, hedonism, and destiny. Basketmouth provides a lighthearted take on these topics, making the album a refreshing and enjoyable listen.

With balmy ditties and explicit hip-hop cuts, the project is a journey that takes listeners on a musical adventure. The album’s listening journey opens with a Bayanni and Shatta Wale collaboration titled “Goal Keeper” and sees the duo combine brilliantly on the afrobeat-type compositional arrangement. Themes of love and romance and the allure of making money and minding one’s business are primarily influenced by the lyrics, as the duo declare themselves to be “game changers” in the chill opener.

Next on is Peruzzi’s “Party,” produced by Duktor Sett. The song seems to portray Peruzzi’s enjoyment of living a luxurious lifestyle and being surrounded by women as he showcases his “Alhaji side.” “Party” was released as one of the singles from the album before its official release date. The song is pleasing to the ears, with the signature melodies that Peruzzi is known for, and it will once again have fans asking for more from the former DMW musical maestro.

Lojay on “Jolie Jollof” is another crazy tune, and trust Lojay to bring his warm vocals up front with a lyricism that sees him describe a lady who has captured his attention and is indulging him with her love. He sings his affection with mesmerizing vocalizations that see background ad-libs that are spot on.

The track “Koko” unquestionably stands out on the album, thanks to the dynamic duo of Laycon and Falz. Falz’s blazing rap verse, delivered in a sing-song pattern, is a force to be reckoned with. Meanwhile, Laycon skillfully takes charge of the chorus with his distinct vocals. The producers deserve a round of applause for the impeccable beat arrangements that perfectly complement the artistry of these two talented artists.

Basketmouth’s decision to include Qing Madi and Victony in “Cover Me” was a stroke of genius. The song’s background story proves it was meant to be an instant hit. There’s no denying this is “the song”—the vocals, lyrics, production, and creativity were exceptional. Qing Madi’s melodies were mesmerizing and will captivate more fans.

Duncan Mighty and BoJ deliver a delightful “palm wine rhythm” to their listeners as they effortlessly flow on their verses in “Link Up.” The duo expresses their feelings toward their love interests and passionately shares how they envision their ideal relationship. They describe the captivating emotions of being in love and how they can’t resist the urge to be with their partner every time.

The last track of the album, “Chasing Dreams”, is an absolute masterpiece featuring Timi Dakolo and rap verses by Torian Bell and Reminisce. Hands down, it is the best track on the album due to its content delivery, messaging, and overall appeal. The trio boldly talks about pursuing their dreams, pushing through all obstacles, and ultimately reaping the rewards of their hard work. This song is the perfect finale, leaving listeners with a powerful message that serves as a firm reminder to all aspiring individuals to keep pushing forward, no matter the circumstances.


1 Goal Keeper Basketmouth, Shatta Wale & Bayanni 2:06
2 Party Basketmouth & Peruzzi 2:14
3 Jolie Jellof Basketmouth & Lojay 2:17
4 Koko Basketmouth, Laycon & Falz 2:04
5 Cover Me Basketmouth, Qing Madi & Victony 2:07
6 Link Up Basketmouth, BOJ & Duncan Mighty 2:44
7 Chasing Dreams Basketmouth, Timi Dakolo, Torrian Ball & Reminisce 4:02

Album Summary

It’s important to note that Basketmouth has undoubtedly made a name for himself in the music industry, but his latest album, “Uburu,” may not rank as his best work yet, especially compared to his earlier releases like “Yabasi.” However, the album’s collaborators delivered exceptional performances and showcased their artistry, proving why they are considered high-flyers in the entertainment industry. Undoubtedly, the outstanding talent of all the featured artists makes “Uburu” a must-listen for any true lover of good music. It’s clear that Basketmouth remains a highly regarded entertainer, and we can expect nothing less than praise for the Nigerian superstar.


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