Comedian Basketmouth Reveals His First Passion And It Is Not Comedy

Bright Okpocha, better known as Basketmouth in Nigeria, has said that comedy was not his first love. The comic declared his desire to become a rapper. As he covered Thisday Newspaper’s weekend style magazine, Style, he shared this information about himself and his upbringing. Additionally, he provided some advice on how to become a comedian and acknowledged his exceptional humorous talent.

Bright said during the interview that he was typically in a group of humorous friends growing up, so he never realized he was amusing. But over time, he learned to respect his comedic talent and came to a decision on whether to become a rapper or pursue a career in comedy.

The well-known comedian also disclosed that when he decided to pursue comedy during his early years, his parents never discouraged him from doing so. But they only stipulated that he complete his education and receive a diploma as their main need.

In addition, Netflix’s upcoming Lights, Camera…Naija Gala Event will also be hosted by the iconic comedian and entertainer. This Sunday, Netflix will honor Nollywood’s thriving community of outstanding creators at a specially exclusive event in Lagos while highlighting the promising state and future of the sector.

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