Review: Simi – All I Want

Simi's "All I Want": A Harmonious Blend of Love and Assurance

An Insightful Review of Simi’s Latest Single

Simi’s latest single, “All I Want,” marks her first musical offering of the year, blending Afro-pop rhythms with heartfelt lyrics that capture the essence of love’s demands and desires. This review delves into the layers of the song, exploring its lyrical depth, musical composition, and Simi’s vocal delivery, alongside a critical perspective on its overall impact.

Lyrical Depth and Narrative

At the heart of ‘All I Want,’ Simi articulates a simple yet profound message of love and reassurance. The lyrics navigate the complexities of a relationship, emphasizing the importance of presence, support, and understanding. Through her words, Simi seeks not just the grand gestures but the small, meaningful acts that signify true love and commitment. Verses like ‘Say you’ll be there when I call you / Hold on to me make I no fall, oh’ resonate with listeners, offering a universal longing for dependability and connection in love.

Musical Composition and Vocal Performance

Musically, ‘All I Want’ is a testament to Simi’s ability to fuse traditional Afro-pop elements with contemporary sounds. The track’s upbeat rhythm and melodic flow complement the lyrical content, creating an immersive listening experience. Simi’s vocal performance is, as always, impeccable. Her ability to convey emotion through her voice adds depth to the song, making it not just a track to listen to but to feel.

Visual Interpretation

The music video, directed by 1 Of My Guys, provides a visual narrative that enhances the song’s themes. It’s a colorful, engaging piece that brings the lyrics to life, showcasing Simi’s charisma and the song’s vibrancy.

A Critical Perspective

While ‘All I Want’ shines in many aspects, it treads familiar ground in the Afro-pop genre. Though executed well, the song’s structure and themes offer little in the way of innovation or surprise. In a constantly evolving genre, there’s a missed opportunity for Simi to push the boundaries further, either through experimental sounds or unconventional storytelling.


“Simi’s ‘All I Want’ is a solid addition to her discography, underscoring her talent as a songwriter and artist. It captures the universal themes of love and desire, wrapped in the comforting warmth of her voice and the familiar embrace of Afro-pop rhythms. While it may not break new ground, it reinforces Simi’s position as a pivotal figure in the Nigerian music scene, capable of crafting songs that resonate with a wide audience. As we anticipate her fifth studio album, ‘All I Want’ serves as a promising glimpse of what’s to come.”

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