Simi Brags About Her Mass Communication Degree Not Going To Waste

Simisola Kosoko, better known as Simi, is a well-known Nigerian musician who has said that her university degree was not a waste of time. For those who don’t know, Simi graduated with a degree in mass communication from the esteemed Covenant University before becoming interested in music.

The musician has argued that her degree “did not waste,” even if she never used the certificate or got a job at a media company. Simi boasted on her Twitter account, “At least my Mass Comm degree did not waste,” evidently impressed by how she communicates through her songs and social media.

Her most recent bragging rights resulted from her replying to a troll for an offensive tweet. Simi did not like the remark and confronted the Twitter user for endorsing her voice based on her featured songs, which are primarily by those of the opposite gender. Simi argued against the reviewer who claimed to prefer her collaborations with male singers than her songs.

The tweep stated that while they like all of Simi’s featured songs, they weren’t fans of her singing on her singles. Simi claimed to be the same writer and vocalist, but most people don’t acknowledge her talent until a man features her.

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