Russell Dickerson “The Afterparty Deluxe” Album Review

The Afterparty Deluxe

Russell Dickerson

  • Genre: Country
  • Date: 03 Nov, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 25
  • ℗ 2023 Triple Tigers

Russell Dickerson &Quot;The Afterparty Deluxe&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 29, 2024

Russell Dickerson is a talented multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Nashville. He has garnered a reputation for his heartfelt performances and elegant songwriting, earning him numerous accolades throughout his career. His debut album, “Yours,” achieved gold certification and debuted at #1 on the Emerging Artists Chart and #5 on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart in 2017. The album also produced three consecutive #1 hits, including the platinum-certified “Blue Tacoma,” the double-platinum “Yours,” and the #1 hit “Every Little Thing.” In 2020, Russell was nominated for several awards, including the iHeartRadio Music Awards, CMT Music Awards, and Academy of Country Music Awards. He was also nominated for “Best New Male Artist of the Year” at the ACM. As a headliner, he has taken the “RD Party” to sold-out venues worldwide. He has also toured with other famous country artists such as Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line, Darius Rucker, Lady A, and Kane Brown. Russell has gained a massive social media following, affectionately referred to as the “RD Fam,” and has started his own YouTube series, “This Is Russ,” to give viewers an inside look into his world.

His second full-length album, “Southern Symphony,” was released in 2020 under Triple Tiger Records. The album features country choruses with pop energy and standout tracks such as “Love You Like I Used To,” “Home Sweet,” and “Never Get Old.” Russell’s character shines through every aspect of the album, from the devoted husband, father, and “regular dude” at home to the audacious and charismatic presence that fans love on stage. Russell’s flawless skills and beautiful songwriting make his narrative come to life like never before.

Album Art

Russell Dickerson &Quot;The Afterparty Deluxe&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 29, 2024

The album cover features a photo taken during a house party, as evidenced by the presence of games, pizza, popcorn, and alcohol. Russell, dressed in cool clothing, is lying on the floor, looking happy or high, with his hands raised in a gesture of contentment and calm. The photo not only highlights Russell’s happiness but also invites listeners to join in on the joyful energy of the music. The vibrant colours and energetic atmosphere captured in the photo perfectly reflect the carefree and youthful spirit of the house party. It seems like Russell has found a moment of pure bliss amidst the lively celebration, embracing the joyous connections and carefree moments that come with being surrounded by friends and good times.

Tracks And Features

3 Nov saw the publication of a deluxe edition of multiplatinum singer-songwriter Russell Dickerson’s self-titled album. Ten more tracks, including five unplugged acoustic renditions of four live recordings of fan favourites and a brand-new song featuring Needtobreathe, are included on Russell Dickerson: The Afterparty Deluxe in addition to its 15 original tracks. Russell Dickerson: The Afterparty Deluxe, the deluxe edition of his self-titled album, includes ten more tracks that provide listeners with an even more extensive musical experience.

Along with four live recordings highlighting the singer-songwriter’s engaging stage presence, these additional tracks include unplugged acoustic versions of fan favourites. By working with well-known producers like Dann Huff, Zach Crowell, and Casey Brown, Dickerson ensures that this deluxe edition offers various musical styles and unforgettable moments.

“Red Dirt Church,” Dickerson’s latest project with Grammy-nominated rock group Needtobreathe, is on the album Opener. Dickerson says of the song, “I have been a fan of Need to Breathe for a very long time.” It felt fitting to have them included in this inspiring, deep-wood anthem. Their unique sound and powerful lyrics perfectly complement the heartfelt message of “Red Dirt Church,” creating a truly captivating musical collaboration. Working with Needtobreathe was a dream come true for Dickerson, as their shared passion for music and the outdoors shines through in every note of this soul-stirring track.

Co-writing “Blame It on Being Young” with Josh Kerr and Parker Welling is about being 16 or 17 and doing all the reckless stuff. The song reminds listeners of the wild and reckless times that frequently characterize that era by capturing the youth’s carefree attitude and mischievous experiences. It reminds fans of the joys and innocence of youth with a touch of nostalgia. The artist highlights the carefree attitude of their teenage years by remembering their early travels and naughty behaviour. The song establishes the mood for the remainder of the album by evoking the spirit of carefree joy and offering a nostalgic stroll down memory lane.

In ‘She’s Why’, that’s got an extensive range to it. Dickerson acknowledges vocally that it was challenging to get in there and record. The emotions in the lyrics were so powerful that it was difficult to contain them all in one take. Dickerson recalls how he had to dig deep and fully immerse himself in emotional depth to capture its essence. It demanded multiple attempts to convey the raw emotions authentically, making it a genuinely captivating recording experience.

Dickerson demonstrates his vocal sonic story in a wide range of tones in “She’s Why,” which was undoubtedly challenging to record. It was hard to capture every emotion in the words in a single take because they were so intense. To capture the core of emotional depth, Dickerson remembers having to go deeply inside himself. The recording process was captivating because it required several tries to capture the unadulterated feelings accurately.

The record ends with the crowd cheering and singing along to “I Still Believe” with such resolve and delight. The song’s upbeat melody and poignant words evoke a mood of victory and hope, leaving listeners feeling happy and fulfilled. Everyone is reminded by the artist’s tremendous performance that belief can overcome all obstacles, even in the face of adversity. The song perfectly captures the enthusiasm and energy the entire album radiates, leaving listeners in bliss and with a lasting memory of the artist’s incredible live performance. As the final notes fade away, it becomes evident that “I Still Believe” is a fitting finale that perfectly captures the essence of the LP’s overall message and leaves fans eagerly anticipating what comes next from this talented musician.


1 Red Dirt Church (feat. NEEDTOBREATHE) 2:58
2 Blame It On Being Young 3:04
3 Sorry 3:08
4 She Likes It (feat. Jake Scott) 2:43
5 I Still Believe 3:18
6 Big Wheels 2:09
7 I Remember 3:05
8 I Wonder 3:26
9 God Gave Me A Girl 3:07
10 All The Same Friends 2:54
11 Beers To The Summer 3:17
12 She’s Why 2:57
13 18 3:13
14 Over And Over 2:20
15 Drink To This 5:11
16 Just Like Your Mama 4:47
17 Beers to the Summer 3:09
18 God Gave Me A Girl 3:21
19 I Remember 2:56
20 Drink To This 3:17
21 Over And Over 2:22
22 She Likes It 3:41
23 Big Wheels 2:33
24 I Wonder 3:48
25 I Still Believe 3:53


Album Summary

Reflection was, in fact, another motivating aspect behind this record; Dickerson even thought about how he may develop sonically this time. The album’s cohesiveness is anchored by its production quality. Although coherent, it also has a varied feel, giving his fans the see-saw effect they have grown accustomed to from his live performances. Russell Dickerson: The Afterparty Deluxe’s extra tracks accentuate the performer’s skill and demonstrate his versatility. Fans are given an exclusive and personal look at Russell Dickerson’s music with the addition of unplugged acoustic versions and live recordings.

These bonus tracks provide listeners with a refreshing and intimate experience, showcasing Russell Dickerson’s raw talent and ability to captivate an audience. The unplugged acoustic versions allow fans to appreciate the stripped-down beauty of his songs, while the live recordings capture the energy and excitement of his live shows. These extra songs improve the listener’s experience and establish Russell Dickerson’s reputation as a gifted and diverse performer. The whole picture of Dickerson and this record may be found on this deluxe album. It seems the Deluxe brings this record and this chapter of his life to a close, leaving the self-titled album almost untainted.


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