Song Review: Bad Boy Timz “I Salute” Feat. Zlatan

: "I Salute": A High-Energy Afrobeat and Hip-Hop Ode to Women

I Salute Ft. Zlatan

Bad Boy Timz

  • Genre: African
  • Date: 04 April, 2023
  • Content: Explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 1
  • ℗ 2023 Shock Absorbers Music / EMPIRE


“I Salute” by Bad Boy Timz and Zlatan is a high-energy music that blends Afrobeat and hip-hop elements. The words of the song are mostly in pidgin English, giving it a distinct and real vibe.

The song’s intro is powerful, and it sets the tone for the song’s duration. The beat is catchy and cheerful, with a strong bassline that will get you moving. The chorus is repetitious in a positive way, which makes it easy to sing along with.

The verses express the artists’ love for the women in their lives. They compliment the women’s beauty and fortitude with remarks like “She scatter scatter my bololo dada” and “Oyin momo you fine for photo and real life.” The artists often express their desire to look after and please their relationships.

The artists repeat “I salute you” and ask “Kilowi?” which means “what’s up?” in Yoruba in the post-chorus, which adds a wonderful touch to the song. The use of this Nigerian language gives authenticity and cultural relevance to the song.

“I Salute” is a pleasant and energetic song with a great message about recognizing and respecting the women in our life. It’s catchy chorus and fast tempo makes it ideal for any dance party or exercise playlist. The song’s distinctive blend of Afrobeat and hip-hop distinguishes it from other tracks.

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