Fetty Wap “King Zoo” Album Review

King Zoo

Fetty Wap

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 24 Nov, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Track(s): 17
  • A RGF Productions / 300 Entertainment release, ℗ 2023 300 Entertainment

Fetty Wap reaffirms his reign as the king of hip-hop with the release of his much awaited album, “King Zoo.” The 17-track album, which was published by 300 Entertainment, features his most audacious, brilliant, and outstanding work to date.

In a double act of kindness and musical brilliance, Fetty Wap gave fans “King Zoo,” his first full-length album in eight years, in addition to hosting a touching Thanksgiving feast for the less fortunate. This Thanksgiving banquet is a soulful pleasure that crosses genres from pop to R&B to trap with Fetty Wap’s distinctive melodic hooks and a new rhythmic palette.

Working with industry heavyweights such as French Montana, Ty Dolla $ign, and Lil Uzi Vert, Fetty creates a musical journey that is full of emotion and embraces life’s many colors.

Album Cover Art

Fetty Wap &Quot;King Zoo&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 13, 2024

Fetty is captured in an enlarged framed picture, in which he sports his signature locs and a chain with his name as its pendant. Taking a cue from the album title, the picture is more of a kingly statement than a mere portrait.

Tracks and Features

The album’s impressive opening track, “Interlude (King Zoo Call),” instantly transports listeners to Fetty Wap’s musical kingdom’s royal court. The adventure continues with “Northern Lights,” a song that has Fetty’s heartfelt message delivered with an effortless voice over upbeat piano and strong 808s.

The energetic party-starter “Spin the Block,” featuring Lil Uzi Vert, shows off the pair’s money and lifestyle over a powerful beat. Lil Uzi’s charisma and Fetty’s distinct flow make this single unforgettable. Fetty Wap shares his soul with expressive vocals in “Outside,” a moving meditation on the hardships and perils of living on the streets. When Ty Dolla $ign comes in, his sultry chorus gives this evocative song more substance.

“Undeniable,” which exposes Fetty Wap’s family, faith, legal concerns, and personal struggles, is a somber and reflective trip into his reality; a genuine, unvarnished work that reveals the artist’s frailty. Fetty Wap’s “Jet Li,” a high-octane celebration of ambition and achievement, is a charismatic and confident song. With an upbeat tempo, he brazenly declares that he makes more money in a day than most people do in a year.

If you’ve been following Fetty Wap throughout the years, you’ll know he’s been yelling “1738” on the majority of his tracks. In “1738,” Fetty Wap and Coi Leray talk about getting funky after a few shots. However, Coi delivers a passable vocal performance that nicely complements the frenetic, uptempo R&B beat that propels everything. Fetty’s rough, shaky vocals, on the other hand, are what make the song stand out.

“Superhuman,” a glossy tribute to the Miami sound of the 1980s, features French Montana’s rap verses mixed with Fetty Wap’s falsetto vocals. The song has a lively, synth-heavy vibe with a hint of nostalgia. In the joyful and lively album closer “Celebration,” Fetty Wap thanks friends, family, and life in general. This song perfectly captures the festive vibe of “King Zoo” as a whole, extending an invitation to join the celebration.


1 Interlude (King Zoo Call) 0:56
2 Northern lights 3:08
3 Spin the block 2:22
4 Outside 1:58
5 Undeniable 2:45
6 Jet Li 2:13
7 Urus pt.1 2:08
8 Urus pt. 2 2:17
9 Slide 2:38
10 superhuman 3:30
11 1738 (feat. Coi Leray) 3:49
12 Thinkin’ Bout you 2:36
13 Celebration 3:38
14 King is on His Way 3:26
15 Departure 3:03
16 Sweet Yamz 1:45
17 Private Party 2:00

Album Theme

“King Zoo” is an enthralling tapestry that reveals Fetty Wap’s vast artistic abilities. The album explores new ground while remaining loyal to the rapper’s persona and distinctive sound, highlighting his resilience and generosity.

It’s more than simply a musical voyage; it’s evidence of Fetty Wap’s capacity to triumph over obstacles and spread happiness to his listeners.

Production Credits

1ookiss, CezBeats, Chini slickback, Dj-Fade, FrankGotThePack, Haze, Kevin Voung, Kid Hazel, Kutoff, Lang Father, MCVertt & Shy Boogs produced the album.


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