Review: Phyno feat. Burna Boy – “Do I (Remix)”

A Fusion of Highlife, Amapiano and Hip-Hop: Analyzing Phyno and Burna Boy's Collaborative Effort


Phyno, a renowned Nigerian highlife singer, songwriter, and rapper, teams up with the iconic Burna Boy in the remix of his hit single “Do I.” Originally released in August and produced by Jaysynths, this remix elevates the track to new heights, blending highlife rhythms with hip-hop elements.

Lyric Analysis:

The lyrics of “Do I (Remix)” are a bold statement of self-assurance and defiance. Burna Boy opens the track with a powerful verse, setting the tone with lines like “Odogwu looking like a million bucks, Clean like a religious song, Alhamdulilah, in God I trust.” This introduction not only showcases Burna Boy’s lyrical prowess but also reflects his cultural and religious influences.

Phyno follows suit, delivering verses that are both introspective and assertive. His lyrics, “Lifestyle, aba na anya, Ofulu the bag obewe Akwa, I give am chance otinye aru,” speak to his lifestyle and success, emphasizing his journey and achievements. The chorus, repeated throughout the song, “Do I look like I give a fuck?” is a rhetorical question that underscores their indifference to public opinion and criticism.

Musical Composition:

Musically, “Do I (Remix)” is a masterful blend of traditional highlife rhythms , hip-hop and contemporary amapiano beats. The production by Jaysynths is top-notch, creating a backdrop that complements both artists’ styles. The fusion of genres is seamless, offering listeners a fresh and engaging auditory experience.

Collaboration Dynamics:

The collaboration between Phyno and Burna Boy is a highlight of the track. Their chemistry is palpable, with each artist bringing their unique flair to the song. Burna Boy’s distinct voice and style mesh well with Phyno’s flow, making the remix a standout track in both of their discographies.


While “Do I (Remix)” excels in many areas, it is not without its shortcomings. The repetitive nature of the chorus, though catchy, might come across as overly simplistic for some listeners. Additionally, the song could benefit from more lyrical depth and variation to match the high energy of the music.


Overall, “Do I (Remix)” is a testament to the versatility and creativity of both Phyno and Burna Boy. It’s a track that not only resonates with their existing fan base but also has the potential to attract new listeners. This remix is a successful experiment in genre fusion, showcasing the evolving landscape of Nigerian music.

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