Song Review: “Ovami” by Oxlade Feat. Flavour

Oxlade, a rising star in Nigeria’s vibrant music scene, has graced the stage once more with a heartwarming and appealing track named “Ovami,” meaning “over me” in English. He teams up with the highlife maestro, Flavour, showcasing his adaptability by pairing with an artist of such a different genre to deliver an enthralling musical performance.

Song Review: &Quot;Ovami&Quot; By Oxlade Feat. Flavour, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 23, 2024
&Ldquo;Ovami&Rdquo; Cover Art

“Ovami,” a Magicsticks production, is Oxlade’s first leading single of the year, following the remix of “Ku Lo Sa” with Camila Cabello. The song effortlessly fuses the modern rhythm and groove of Afrobeats with the timeless elegance of Flavour’s highlife, producing a unique and soul-stirring melody.

Both Oxlade and Flavour bring their individual artistic strengths to the table. Oxlade’s soothing vocals and honest lyrics pair well with Flavour’s rich and resonant voice, creating a symphony that touches on themes of longing and love. The tune embodies a heartfelt plea for the attention and affection of a loved one, a sentiment that will resonate with many listeners.

“Ovami” is a delightful track, built on a foundation of catchy melodies, rhythmical beats, and relatable lyrics. Oxlade and Flavour work in harmony to elevate each other’s unique talents, adding a multi-dimensional quality to the song that enhances its appeal. Oxlade, through this track, further cements his reputation as one of Nigeria’s top vocalists, demonstrating his growth and development within the music industry.

However, while the track is indeed a musical delight, it doesn’t bring anything new or groundbreaking to the table. Many of the themes and sounds explored in “Ovami” are typical of the Afrobeat and highlife genres, and it would have been intriguing to see Oxlade and Flavour push their creative boundaries further. The lyrics, although sincere, are quite straightforward and might have benefited from a touch more poetic complexity to give the song deeper layers of meaning.

Nonetheless, “Ovami” is a delightful addition to the discographies of both Oxlade and Flavour, showcasing their combined talents to create a song that is bound to captivate and enchant listeners. The song is now available on various music streaming platforms, so fans of Oxlade, Flavour, and Afrobeats in general, are in for a real treat.

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