Song Review: “Blessings” By DJ Tunez Feat. Wizkid & Gimba

A Harmonious Blend of Blessings: DJ Tunez, Wizkid, and Gimba's Captivating Collaboration


“Blessings” is a captivating collaborative track by DJ Tunez, Wizkid, and Gimba that showcases their musical chemistry and talent. Released in celebration of DJ Tunez’s birthday, the song brings together the infectious beats of afrobeats and amapiano, mesmerizing vocals, and the production prowess of Smeez, D3an, and others.

Song Review: &Quot;Blessings&Quot; By Dj Tunez Feat. Wizkid &Amp; Gimba, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 23, 2024

Verse Analysis:

The song opens with Wizkid’s smooth and melodic verse, where he expresses gratitude for the blessings in his life. His lyrics reflect a sense of confidence and success while staying true to his signature style. Gimba follows with his soulful vocals, adding a fresh perspective to the track. His verse brings introspection and a sense of determination, blending seamlessly with the overall vibe of the song.

Chorus and Hook:

The chorus and hook of “Blessings” are undeniably catchy and memorable. Wizkid’s infectious voice takes center stage as he repeats the lines, “I dey pray for your blessings, everyday man dey pray for your blessings.” The repetitive nature of the hook makes it easy for listeners to sing along and creates a sense of unity and positivity.

Production and Instrumentation:

The production of “Blessings” is a standout aspect of the song. The collaboration between DJ Tunez, Smeez, and D3an brings a diverse range of musical influences and production techniques. The track combines modern african elements with captivating rhythms, creating an irresistible fusion of sound. The instrumentation is rich and dynamic, with layered beats, groovy basslines, and well-placed synths that enhance the overall vibe of the song.


“Blessings” by DJ Tunez, Wizkid, and Gimba is a testament to their musical talent and creative chemistry. The song showcases their ability to craft infectious melodies and captivating verses. With its catchy chorus, soulful vocals, and impeccable production, “Blessings” is a track that resonates with fans of amapiano, afrobeats and beyond. It’s another example of the successful collaboration between DJ Tunez and Wizkid, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating more from this talented trio.

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