Song Review: Wande Coal ‘Ebelebe’ Feat. Wizkid

Love's Awe: A Review of Wande Coal and Wizkid's 'Ebelebe'

Wande Coal and Wizkid (Big Wiz)’s joint song “Ebelebe” combines throbbing Afrobeat rhythms and poetic language that honors love and friendship. Both Nigerian musicians, renowned for their amazing talent in the music industry, expertly combine their approaches to produce a catchy song that connects with listeners.

Ebelebe is off Wande Coal’s newly released album which is already being praised by fans on social media platforms.Song Review: Wande Coal 'Ebelebe' Feat. Wizkid, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 23, 2024

The music immediately draws you into its enthralling world after its spiritual vibes-filled start. The first line, which Wizkid delivers expressively, establishes the mood by telling a story of his intense love and attraction for his significant other. With expressions like “If na craze baby girl I wan craze,” he highlights the attraction of his lover’s appeal and expresses his entire surrender to this overwhelming love.

Repeating the chorus “Ebelebe,” an Igbo word that means “shock” or “surprise,” heightens the emotional impact of the song. It softly conveys the astounding quality of love and the significant impact it can have.

In the second verse, Wande Coal, also known as “WC,” picks up the play and demonstrates his prowess at presenting gripping stories. He uses phrases like “She want to love me by force” and “She say she no go ever leave me because” to depict a woman’s overpowering affection for him vividly. The song has an authentic, regional flavor because of the usage of Pidgin English, which is a language unique to Nigeria and is therefore understood by all people.

“Give it, To me,” the repeating hook, “Tu mi Tu mi,” “Gbe mi gbe mi,” and “Kill me, Kuku kill me” all convey a sense of urgency and overwhelming desire. Even though they are repeated, these distinctive catchphrases contribute to the song’s infectiousness.

“Ebelebe” masterfully combines key elements of the Afrobeat genre, such as entrancing harmonies and rhythmic drums, with a close-knit narrative that feels particular and universal. Wande Coal and Wizkid have given their fans a song that will resonate in their hearts while paying homage to Nigeria’s rich musical legacy.

Overall, “Ebelebe” shows the capability of Wande Coal and Wizkid’s talent for writing catchy songs that draw in listeners. It promises to remain a mainstay on dance floors and playlists for a long time, thanks to its addictive rhythm and compelling lyrics.

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