Teni “Tears of The Sun” Album Review



  • Genre: Afro-Pop
  • Date: 17 Nov, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 16
  • ℗ 2023 Sugar Mummy Records

Teni &Quot;Tears Of The Sun&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 22, 2024

Teniola Apata, a well-known national figure known as Teni the Entertainer and a singer, composer, performer, actress, and storyteller, has created an album containing a variety of tales. She composed and delivered a fascinating collection of diverse sounds and cultures. She gives an insight into her life and opens with a fantastic track. Afro-pop is mainly explored in “Tears of the Sun,” which features Teni’s unique sound with a dynamic twist. The project, released on November 17, 2023, exhibits the artist’s flexibility with its vibrant range of sounds. The album’s overall tone is an emotional rollercoaster with happy highs and reflective lows. The mood is set for a fascinating musical experience with Teni’s appealing delivery and catchy songs.

Album Art

Teni &Quot;Tears Of The Sun&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 22, 2024

Teni’s album cover depicts the sun beaming on her face as she looks up with her eyes shut. Although the background features Egyptian patterns and calligraphy, the artwork could have been more imaginative and less straightforward. Nonetheless, Teni’s authentic and candid narrative throughout the album provides an intimate glimpse into her feelings and outlook. The album’s name, “Tears of the Sun,” symbolizes the intricacies of existence and affection.

Tracks And Features

Many people may misunderstand the first single, “YBGFA,” which stands for “Young Black Girl from Africa,” but it seems to be a retort to people who think Teni isn’t qualified to sing because of what they believe. It’s the ideal choice to open the album, serving as an ode to any young lady struggling with their identity and chasing their ambitions. With these words, Teni subtly suggests that people don’t know much about her and that she is not who they believe her to be. The lyrics imply, at least in part, that she does not conform to social norms. At least when she says it doesn’t matter who she sleeps with as long as it feels right, it almost leans towards her sexuality.


“Popo” demonstrates Teni’s ability to portray love distinctively. It emphasizes the reconfirmation of love in contrast to conventional love songs. This charming song is ideal for individuals who are brave enough to give their significant other a memorable gift. It’s about her feelings for her partner in a relationship that is not reciprocated. Although the song has many musical qualities, its lyrics don’t jump out.

“Capricorn and Taurus,” the second track, makes one smile. This song is a beautiful expression of passion. It is dedicated to all Tauruses and Capricorns who value Teni’s musical talent. Even the delivery brings Amaarae’s tone to mind. This song’s production is spot-on. Like the lyrics, even the chorus is savage. It’s the ideal romantic tune.

Teni demonstrates her extraordinary ability to combine several narratives into a single song in “Jalingo,” which all contributes to the meaning of the song’s title. The plot is interesting, especially considering it was created after her eventful trip to Buguma in Port Harcourt. The song features intense drumming, fuji melodies, and juju influences. The delivery is fantastic and highly composed. A balance between danceable music and a sit-down listen is also there.

Olamide-assisted “Lanke” stands out as an anthem amongst its opening six tracks; therefore, it makes sense that it was made available as a single before the album’s release. Due to its catchy chorus, the song has a high replay value and is likely to stick in your memory. Teni skillfully combines several tales into one song in approximately 2 minutes and 32 seconds. Not surprisingly, the song is listed on the charts because the beat fits the song wonderfully.

The song “Yaya Toure” might surprise listeners with how well it discloses information about Teni’s lifestyle. Teni always selects track names that enhance the complexity of her narrative, which will excite fans. “Banga,” the eighth track, is a decent song with a catchy title and backstory, but many people would argue that you don’t need to dedicate another song to your “baby.” Nigerian culture and everyday life are full of exciting tales that can be incorporated into a fantastic song. The music still makes sense, though.

“Control” offers up yet another tale of love. This song explores love and fantasy while going behind closed doors; therefore, it’s safe to say it’s explicit. Despite its 90s afro-instrumentation and attempt to be a fantastic dancehall tune, maybe it shouldn’t have made the album because it doesn’t sound particularly unique or stick out, nor does it fit the track’s sex atmosphere.

The duet “Ino,” featuring Teni and Màdè Kuti, is an exceptional composition that boldly addresses Nigeria’s current state of affairs. It is a perfect example of how a song should be written, with a compelling plot that captures the situation’s essence. The song is believed to have been inspired by the principles found in early Afrobeat songs, and Màdè’s influence on the track is unmistakable. So, even though his voice isn’t heard as much, it doesn’t diminish his impact on the song.

The song “No Days Off,” which was also made available as a single before the album’s release, takes a daring turn into funky sounds, surprising a lot of listeners while still delivering a fantastic narrative with lines like “from Atlanta to Lagos,” which reflect on the singer’s past, present, and future. It will produce amazing videos for Instagram reels and have a catchy soundtrack that appeals to Tik-Tokers.

Odumodublvck’s steady delivery is maintained in “Devil Dance,” Teni’s contribution produces a fun and upbeat song. They work nicely together as a duo. It has the feel of a social commentary song and combines rap with afrobeats. In “Malakia,” Teni expresses her thankfulness to God and her appreciation for the people who have stood by her since she rose to fame in the Nigerian music scene. Teni is expressing her gratitude to God for preserving her from a severe illness and for how far he has led her.

Teni has raised the Apata name to new heights, as “Apata” masterfully demonstrates by reminding everyone of who she is and sending a message to those who doubted her capacity to bear the name. This track serves as a celebration of Teni’s background and alludes to his surname. Tayc is featured on the beautiful love ballad “Mercredi,” which should have been far higher on the album. Its excellent production and sound quality help it stand out from the other tracks. As always, Tayc has impressive vocals, and their chemistry shines through as they coo and groove to the laid-back afrobeat.

The album’s concluding track, “How,” stands out as a testament to Teni’s exceptional talent. Through a seamless blend of diverse soundscapes, from the first track to the climax, she showcases her versatility as an artist while maintaining an unwavering standard of excellence in her performances. The song’s lyrics embody Teni’s unrelenting spirit and fierce drive to succeed while simultaneously expressing a vulnerable plea to a higher power for assistance. “How” is a masterful display of Teni’s artistry and a fitting conclusion to an outstanding album.


1 YBGFA 3:42
2 Popo 2:50
3 Capricorn & Taurus 2:42
4 Jalingo 3:03
5 Holy Matrimony 2:37
6 Lanke 2:32
7 Yaya Toure 2:39
8 Banga 2:40
9 Control 2:24
10 Ino (feat. Mádé Kuti) 2:16
11 No Days Off 3:15
12 Devil Dance (feat. ODUMODUBLVCK) 3:08
13 Malaika 3:23
14 Apata 2:18
15 Mecredi (feat. Tayc) 2:56
16 How 3:42

Album Summary

The collection of work is well-assembled and creates a compelling blend of genres, thanks to the skillfully produced beats. The album delves into Teni’s personal experiences, encapsulating the essence of betrayal, love, weight loss, passion, and heartache. Each song offers a window into her world, sharing a different journey aspect. It has a well-defined structure, with clear intros, poignant verses, and catchy choruses. Teni expertly combines folk, house, and alte components while showcasing her experimental style. It features diverse instruments and is a testament to Teni’s musical talent. Although some of the songs don’t particularly stand out or have a lot of repeat value, the amount of sound production and thoughtful songwriting that each song has indicates Teni’s development and intentionality as an artist. Teni gives a genuinely remarkable singing performance, with her easygoing and casual delivery complementing the album’s various themes. Her distinct vocals provide each song a genuine touch and make them stand out.


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