YoungBoy Never Broke Again “Decided 2” Album Review

Decided 2

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 10 Nov, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Track(s): 18
  • Never Broke Again/Motown Records; ℗ 2023 Never Broke Again, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.
Youngboy Never Broke Again &Quot;Decided 2&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 22, 2024
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On November 10, 2023, the exciting musician YoungBoy Never Broke Again released Decided 2, the follow-up to his groundbreaking mixtape from five years earlier. NBA YoungBoy has released four full-length albums this year alone, with Richest Opp from May being the most recent—before this. He has consistently proven himself to be one of the industry’s most prolific and successful artists.

It’s the follow-up to his tenth mixtape, Decided (2018), and his fourth release of 2023 after ‘I Rest My Case’ in January, ‘Don’t Try This at Home’ in April, and ‘Richest Opp’ in May. Take a Daytrip, Dunk Rock, Lex Luger, TnTXD, and several other producers contribute to the mixtape, which also has a single guest appearance by Rod Wave. YoungBoy’s in-house engineer and producer, Jason “Cheese” Goldberg, mixed and mastered the entire album in addition to producing other tracks. YoungBoy’s pen game is still primarily transparent and instructive, incorporating many of his talents and shortcomings.

Album Art

Youngboy Never Broke Again &Quot;Decided 2&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 22, 2024

A close-up of NBA Young Boy, dressed all in black, with a sombre expression on his face and appearing to be strolling through the streets, is featured on the album cover. ‘Decided 2,’ spelt DECIIDED, is the 21st solo mixtape by American rapper YoungBoy, made available through Motown Records and Never Broke Again.

Tracks And Features

With “Free Sex” as the album’s opening track, the streets involve issues of sex, relationships, and emotionality. Since the other gems in the project swiftly demonstrate how forthright the troubled rapper is right now, this contentious opener—while not the best of them—can be forgiven. Throughout the album, NBA YoungBoy sets the tone with his honest discussion of relationships, sexuality, and emotionality. Fans of YoungBoy’s gritty street style will find the project intriguing despite its initial flaws, as it soon displays the artist’s innate honesty and sensitivity.

Fans adore YoungBoy’s candid discussions about his experiences in his music, as he has experienced more than some 40-year-olds. He does exactly that in “Came a Long Way.” He discusses leaving the streets, serving time in prison, and ensuring his children don’t experience what he did throughout the song. This track’s sincerity and emotional intensity will undoubtedly appeal to music fans.

Rod Wave is the only featured artist on the eighteen-track album. His song “Better Than Ever” swiftly gained popularity on social media. With a chorus that instantly makes you want to sing along, YoungBoy declares that he’s doing “better than ever” while allowing for more nuanced feelings. In the song “Better Than Ever,” NBA YoungBoy and Rod Wave claim that they are doing better than everyone with whom they have disagreed, including enemies and former partners. They discuss leading a contented life as well. With their most dramatic and poignant voices that flawlessly layer over the soft trap beat, the duo’s chemistry is evident in this tune.

NBA YoungBoy occasionally takes on a more thoughtful and contemplative tone on songs like “Bigger & Better,” displaying a level of understanding and cunning in his lyrics. While YoungBoy occasionally loses his excellent overall, he does a fantastic job of explaining that he is happily married, that money cannot buy happiness, and that he avoids the company of disloyal people. Fans of the Baton Rouge native will wish they had more tunes like this. His ability to express more complex feelings and intimate experiences through his music gives it an honest quality that connects with listeners. Fans are clamouring for more introspective songs highlighting NBA YoungBoy’s development and maturity because of the contrast between his explosive energy and reflective moments, highlighting the artist’s complexity.

One could infer NBA YoungBoy is talking about facing more difficulties than everyone else based on the intensely passionate lyrics he delivers in the song “Guapi.” However, he touches on some positive points in his lyrics, like supporting ladies, being a hustler, and maintaining an unbreakable mindset. This song has a surprising amount of motivation for the street fans of his music.

The album ends with “Don’t Hurt Me,” which is a great way to wrap things up for many reasons. First and foremost, fans will appreciate how NBA YoungBoy deftly combines his passionate singing passages with his aggressive raps throughout the song. Second, it’s commendable how openly he conveys his feelings in the lyrics, switching between seeming to require a girl and maintaining he doesn’t. Not to mention, he crafts a truly incredible multi-layered hook. The song gains depth and complexity from its hook and has a lasting effect. This song stands out on the record because NBA YoungBoy can effortlessly transition between sensitive and confident tones, showcasing his artistic flexibility.


1 Free Sex YoungBoy Never Broke Again 2:58
2 Wrong YoungBoy Never Broke Again 3:02
3 Bop YoungBoy Never Broke Again 3:24
4 My Address Public YoungBoy Never Broke Again 3:00
5 Life N Glory YoungBoy Never Broke Again 4:49
6 Came A Long Way YoungBoy Never Broke Again 2:42
7 Better Than Ever YoungBoy Never Broke Again & Rod Wave 4:03
8 Play With Us YoungBoy Never Broke Again 4:27
9 Now Who YoungBoy Never Broke Again 3:05
10 My Body YoungBoy Never Broke Again 3:06
11 I’m A Demon YoungBoy Never Broke Again 2:50
12 Choppa Gizzle YoungBoy Never Broke Again 2:23
13 Bigger & Better YoungBoy Never Broke Again 2:58
14 Guitar Hero YoungBoy Never Broke Again 2:40
15 Deep Down YoungBoy Never Broke Again 3:22
16 Guapi YoungBoy Never Broke Again 3:09
17 Freestyle YoungBoy Never Broke Again 6:10
18 Don’t Hurt Me YoungBoy Never Broke Again 3:34

Album Summary

There are several reasons why the album is worthwhile. NBA Young Boy is moving away from being a performer who relies on formality in his songwriting. He talks about his psychological and mental well-being enough in the lyrics of almost all the tracks. Reflecting again on his journey, he tackles pain and affection freely. His tone sounds more and more like someone who walks to the studio, allows his emotions to flow, and gets his mind wild. Its most apparent shortcomings are unorthodox compositions that might appear haphazard. However, one can observe Young Boy’s actual feelings in real-time, which is a bonus. Even so, Decided 2 has a free-spirited vibe that almost persuades you to listen despite its flaws.


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