YoungBoy Never Broke Again “I Rest My Case” Album Review

I Rest My Case

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 06 Jan, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 19
  • Never Broke Again/Motown; ℗ 2023 Never Broke Again, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recording, Inc

NBA YoungBoy is bringing more heat with “I Rest My Case” after releasing a steady stream of projects throughout the previous year. The rapper’s first album of 2023, which came out just a few weeks after his Lost Files mixtape, has fewer than 20 songs and no features. NBA YoungBoy, who was once signed to Atlantic Records, is now with Motown Records, and “I Rest My Case” is his first effort to be released under the label.

With 19 bangers for his devoted fan base and others who are just starting to catch on or miss out on a generational talent, YoungBoy delivers his most remarkable work on the new album. He has indeed doubled down as a result of the epidemic, working on four projects over four years, and his prominence has grown significantly.

The Louisiana rapper defeated accusations related to firearms in 2022, capping the year by signing a major Amazon Amp contract. He has never had a higher profile, so it’s understandable that even though ‘I Rest My Case’ is undeniably entertaining, it doesn’t rock the boat. Instead, it’s the sound of one of rap’s most impressionable figures enhancing his brand.

Album Cover Art

Youngboy Never Broke Again &Quot;I Rest My Case&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 23, 2024

In his all-black attire, YB is spotted on this album cover sandwiched by two scantily clad tattooed ladies with ski masks pulled over their faces. NBA is seated on a shiny, black leather couch, staring at the woman on his left-hand side while offering her a blunt as the lady on the other side tries to kiss him on the cheek. Behind them, above on the wall, are various images painted in black. How the concept for this album cover corresponds with the album title is what only YB can explain.

Tracks and Features

initial highlight A powerful anthem, “Black,” is the kind of arena-level trap that only Young Boy Never Broke Again can indeed generate. The song’s provocative lyrics nicely illustrate the  NBA’s humorously privileged tendencies, which have a highly catchy tune and a tempo that ‘ragers’ would appreciate. Although ‘Swag On Point’ exudes confidence, the more subtle tracks, like ‘Fight With My Sheets,’ stand out since they represent the rapper’s opportunities to address more somber topics.

The material should be recognizable to anyone who has been to Young Boy’s world before; the skit “Top Haters” dismisses, well, the haters, while songs like “Ride Me” and “Bitch Yeah” deal with the opposite sex. Although it isn’t particularly inventive, it succeeds because he speaks to his audience in a language they can understand.

A more R&B-leaning flow is demonstrated by the more melodic tracks like “Clear,” where the production is reminiscent of 90s video games. Risks like these make “I Rest My Case” interesting to look into; even though the stakes are enormous, Young Boy Never Broke Again finds room for something more lighthearted and outrageous.

The album ends on a somber tone with the playful duo “Groovy” and “Same Thang,” but the rapper is at his most vulnerable and mournful on “Hey Pops.” Dealing with fatherhood and responsibilities causes his energy to shift in a way that is almost punk-like. I Rest My Case, an album of modest development, might end up being his best work.


Track No


Play Time

1 Top Girls 0:30
2 Black 2:08
3 Louie V 1:34
4 Swag On Point 2:28
5 Bitch Yeah 2:48
6 Red 2:14
7 Double Cup 2:22
8 Fight With My Sheets 2:45
9 Rage 2:11
10 Top Haters 0:24
11 Just Like Me 2:47
12 Ride Me 1:52
13 Not My Friend 3:00
14 Mini Me 1:56
15 Clear 2:30
16 I Love YB skit 0:19
17 Groovy 3:10
18 Same Thang 2:42
19 Hey Pops 2:01

Album Theme

His almost punk-like energy is directed differently while dealing with fatherhood and responsibilities. “I Rest My Case” is an album that shows subtle development and may be his best work overall.

Production Credits

1saused, AskMeBeats, Ayo E Go Krazy, BeatsbyTrain, BJ Beatz, Chase Vibez, DatBoiGetro, Decastro, Dissan, DJ Trebble, Dmac, D-Roc, FLOWRENCY, Font, India Got Them Beats, ISM, Jai Beats, and many more producers handled the project’s audio engineering.


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