DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled: Biography, Age, Net Worth, House, Cars, Wife, Children, Parents, Siblings & Record Label

DJ Khaled’s Basic Information

Stage Name: DJ Khaled
Real Name: Khaled Mohammed Khaled
Occupation: DJ, Record Executive, Record Producer, Rapper, Hype man, Songwriter
Date Of Birth/Age: November 26, 1975 (48) Years Old
Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Nicole Tuck (Wife)
Education: Dr. Phillips High School
Height: 1.69m
Net Worth: $75 million (2021 est.)

DJ Khaled Biography

Khaled Mohammed Khaled, professionally known as DJ Khaled, is an American record executive, producer, rapper, hype man, and songwriter. In 1990, Khaled first gained recognition as a radio host on the station 99 Jamz. He gained more prominence working as a DJ for the Live performances of the Hip Hop collective Terror Squad. He also bagged production credits for their material.

Khaled’s debut album “Listennn… the Album” was released in 2006. It later earned a Gold certification. It was followed by “We The Best,” released in 2007. It featured the top 20 single “I’m So Hood.” Khaled founded We The Best Music Group in 2008 and released the albums “We Global” and “Victory.” They both charted within the Billboard 200 top 10. “Victory” spawned the single “All I Do Is Win,” which was certified triple platinum. “We the Best Forever” was released in 2011 to commercial success. He bagged his first top 10 hit in the same year with “I’m On One.” His subsequent albums, “Kiss The Ring” and “Suffering From Success,” were released in 2012 and 2013.

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His eighth album, “I Changed a Lot,” released in 2015, peaked at number 12. He gained massive social media attention in 2015 and 2016 (his ninth album, “Major Key,” was released that year). “Major Key” debuted at number one, earned a Gold certification, and was nominated for a Grammy Award. He has released more successful albums, “Grateful” in 2017, “Father Of Asahd” in 2019, and “Khaled Khaled” in 2021. He won a Grammy Award for “Best Rap/Sung Performance” for the song “Higher.”

DJ Khaled released the New York Times Bestseller Book “The Keys” in 2016. He featured as an actor in “Spies in Disguise” (2019) and “Bad Boys For Life” (2020).


DJ Khaled was born to Palestinian parents who immigrated to the United States. Khaled’s brother Alec Ledd (Alaa Khaled), is an actor.


DJ Khaled’s wife is Nicole Tuck. She is an American entrepreneur and her husband’s music manager. She has been by his side throughout.

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Khaled’s parents were musicians who played Arabic music. Their music made him develop an interest in rap and soul music at a young age, and his parents supported his interest. She has built several successful enterprises, including luxury home goods and cosmetics industries. She is also a philanthropist who has worked with several charitable organizations. She is best known as her husband’s manager. She is also always on the hunt for new talent.


DJ Khaled’s brother Alec Ledd is an actor who is known for “Experiment: Sorry” (2018), “Can’t Hardly Wait” (1998), and “Being Bin Laden” (2011). He is also a producer.


DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck are proud of two boys: Asahd and Aalam. The boys were born in 2016 and 2020. Khaled said becoming a father was a dream come true for him. He told People, “I always wanted to be a dad. I couldn’t wait to have kids — it’s something I’d been talking about most of my adult life.”

He said, “God blessed me with two beautiful boys, an amazing queen, and mother [Nicole Tuck] and blessed me to be a great father. This is the best feeling I ever felt in my life because it’s pure. There’s really no words you can describe the feeling unless you’re a mother or father. It’s just the truth. It’s a feeling that they haven’t even made a word for yet, and it’s unbelievable.”


DJ Khaled loves the good life. He lives in a pricey neighborhood with his family, and drives beautiful cars. Khaled is a social media sensation. He posts videos of his family on social media.

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Net Worth

As of 2021, DJ Khaled’s net worth was estimated to be $75 million. He is a social media personality, a DJ, a rapper, and a music executive.


DJ Khaled owns a 2017 Rolls Royce Wraith, 2016 Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II, 2017 Rolls-Royce Dawn, 2012 Maybach 57s, 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom Viii, 2017 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, 2012 Maybach Landaulet, and 2018 Cadillac Escalade.


In January 2017, Khaled bought Robbie Williams’ former house in Mulholland Estates, a gated community in Los Angeles, California. In 2018, the famous DJ purchased a waterfront home in Miami for $25.9 million.

Record Label

DJ Khaled is the founder of We The Best Music Group. We The Best previously operated as an imprint of IDJMG’s division Def Jam South and later as an imprint of the Universal Records division Cash Money Records. As of November 2018, the label operates as an imprint of Epic Records.

Are DJ Khaled and Fat Joe brothers?

No. DJ Khaled and Fat Joe are not brothers. They are just colleagues and friends in the music industry.

Are DJ Khaled and Drake related?

No. DJ Khaled and Drake are not related. Drake is Canadian, and DJ Khaled is American.

Are DJ Khaled and Drake brothers?

No. Drake and DJ Khaled are not brothers. They are music colleagues who have collaborated on songs.

Are DJ Khaled and French Montana related?

No. dJ Khaled is not related to French Montana. They are music colleagues.

Are DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck married?

DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck got engaged after the birth of their son in 2016. They have kept details of their engagement private. It is unknown if they had a private wedding after.

Can DJ Khaled read?

Yes. DJ Khaled can read. He went to high school.

Can DJ Khaled sing?

DJ Khaled is a well-known rapper.

Can DJ Khaled play the piano?

Yes. DJ Khaled can play the piano.

Can DJ Khaled play guitar?

A video posted to social media in 2021 showed DJ Khaled playing the guitar.

Can DJ Khaled rap?

Yes. DJ Khaled is a rapper.

Can DJ Khaled DJ?

Yes. After debuting as a radio host, DJ Khaled gained more prominence as the official DJ for Terror Squad.

Did DJ Khaled go to college?

DJ Khaled attended the Berklee College of Music.

Did DJ Khaled disrespect jamaica?

In 2020, Jamaican rap musician Sizzla Kalonji claimed that DJ Khaled disrespected him.

Did DJ Khaled live in New Orleans?

DJ Khaled was born and raised in New Orleans.

Did DJ Khaled go to Berklee?


Did DJ Khaled grow up rich?

DJ Khaled’s parents were musicians.

Did DJ Khaled insult Sizzla?

In 2022, Sizzla posted a video of himself destroying his platinum plaques and claiming DJ Khaled disrespected him.

Does DJ Khaled pay for features?

Yes. DJ Khaled pays for features.

Does DJ Khaled make beats?

DJ Khaled organizes his music but does not make beats.

Does DJ Khaled write his songs?

DJ Khaled has written some of his songs.

How much money does DJ Khaled have?

As of 2021, he was worth $75 million.

How many Grammys does DJ Khaled have?

DJ Khaled has one Grammy Award.

Does DJ Khaled have 2 wives?

No. DJ Khaled’s wife is Nicole Tuck.

Does DJ Khaled have tattoos?

Yes. He does.

Does DJ Khaled own a private jet?

In 2022, DJ Khaled was filmed shopping for a VIP Jet.

Does DJ Khaled have siblings?

Yes. DJ Khaled has a brother.

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