Some Of The Weeknd’s 40 Most Asked Questions Will Surprise You

Basic Information

Stage Name: The Weeknd
Real Name: Abel Makkonen Tesfaye
Occupation: Singer-Songwriter, Record producer, Actor, Businessman
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Gender: Male
Nationality: Canadian
Marital Status: Single
Education: West Hill Collegiate Institute

Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute

The Weeknd Biography

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, born 16 February 1990, and better known by his stage name The Weeknd (pronounced The Weekend), is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer.

His stage name was inspired by the film Apocalypse Now and by an optional song from the video game Final Fantasy VIII.

The songster began recording songs at age 16, initially releasing them on YouTube. He released several mixtapes throughout 2011–2012 and gradually built an online following.

In late 2010, he anonymously uploaded several songs to YouTube under the name “The Weeknd,” which were remixed versions of songs by artists like Nat King Cole and Michael Jackson. Subsequently, he released three nine-track mixtapes throughout 2011: “House of Balloons,” “Thursday,” and “Echoes of Silence,” which were critically acclaimed.

In particular, though, “House of Balloons” stood out. That critically-acclaimed, 2011 compilation led to a recording contract with Republic Records in 2012.

The year of the contract, he released a compilation album, “Trilogy,” with thirty tracks consisting of the remastered mixtapes and three additional songs. His label XO released that body of work in collaboration with Republic Records.

It was a period of great productive energy, as he also released his debut studio album, “Kiss Land,” soon after, in 2013.

The project was supported by the eponymous song “Kiss Land” and “Live For”. The songs have simultaneously held the top three spots on Billboard’s R&B Songs chart, making him the first artist in history to achieve this – no small record.

Peaking at four on the Billboard 200, “Kiss Land” became the artist’s first number one album in the US. Notable songs include “Earned It,” “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face,” and as for other singles, he has promoted some of them via his record label XO, such as “The Hills,” often remixing them as well.

Kiss Land debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 and generated the single “Belong to the World,” which reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100.

In September 2015, The Weeknd released his eponymous fifth mixtape, which became his first number one on the Billboard 200, earning him three Grammy nominations for Best R&B Performance and Best Urban Contemporary Album.

He has six top 10 Billboard 200 debuts on his three albums “Kiss Land” (2013), “Beauty Behind The Madness (2015),” and “My Dear Melancholy,” released on March 30, 2018.

In the course of his career, he’s won over a dozen awards and been nominated for over 50 others.

Outside of music, the songster delights in fashion. Some of his fans even think of him as a fashion icon.

The Weeknd is not a big believer in marriage. In fact, in a recent interview, he’d noted that the prospects of marriage scare him. But he hasn’t completely ruled out marriage. Kids are fine by him, and he plans to have kids before ever deciding to get married – if at all.

He’s got an interesting dating history so far. The Weeknd’s dating history consists of many brief and casual relationships. The Weeknd dated model Bella Hadid, but they split in 2015.

In 2017, The Weeknd had a relationship with fellow singer Selena Gomez. At the beginning of 2018, he was linked to American singer Ariana Grande. In April 2018, the Weeknd posted a photograph on Instagram with model and actress Kourtney Weber whom he has since been said to have dated.

At the moment, the songster appears focused on the music.

The Weeknd is regarded as one of the most influential artists in the world. The Weeknd has gained recognition for his vocals, Sonic versatility, dark lyricism and more. Some of his personal experiences often inspire his music. Over the course of his successful career, The Weeknd has released numerous projects, including mixtapes, EPs and albums. He has also won several awards, including 3 Grammys, 19 Billboard Music Awards, 15 Juno Awards, 6 American Music Awards and more. In addition, the Weeknd has gotten an Academy Award nomination. In 2021, The Weeknd performed at the Superbowl Halftime Show. His song, “Blinding Lights”, is the longest-charting song in Billboard Hot 100 history.

Some Of The Weeknd'S 40 Most Asked Questions Will Surprise You, Yours Truly, Artists, August 18, 2022

The Weeknd Frequently Asked Questions

Can The Weeknd sing, dance or rap?

The Weeknd is best known for his singing abilities. Some say he sing-raps like he does on the song “Star Boy”.

Has The Weeknd ever been nominated for or won a grammy?

Yes. The Weeknd has been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards. He is known to have won 3 Grammy Awards throughout his career.

Are The Weeknd and Drake still friends?

Yes. The Weekend and Drake are still friends. Although it has not always been rosy, they’ve been friends for over a decade.

Are The Weeknd and Ariana Grande friends?

Yes. The Weeknd and Ariana Grande are friends. Ari gave him his first big hit when she featured him on “Love Me Harder”.

Can The Weeknd speak Spanish?

No. The Weeknd cannot speak Spanish. He speaks two languages; Amharic and English because of his Ethiopian roots.
Some Of The Weeknd'S 40 Most Asked Questions Will Surprise You, Yours Truly, Artists, August 18, 2022

Can The Weeknd drive?

Yes. The Weeknd can drive. He proves this in the “Star Boy” video. He also has a collection of pricey cars.

Can The Weeknd play any instruments?

Yes. The Weeknd can play the piano. There have been videos of him playing the Piano but he doesn’t do it Live.

Can The Weeknd sing without autotune?

Yes. The weekend can sing without autotune. There are videos of him on the internet showing off his vocal abilities.

Can The Weeknd sing on a weekday?

Yes. Haha. The Weeknd does not only sing in the weekends, he also sings on week days. In fact, he sings any day he wants to.Some Of The Weeknd'S 40 Most Asked Questions Will Surprise You, Yours Truly, Artists, August 18, 2022

Did The Weeknd write take care?

The Weeknd did not write the single, but he co-wrote a couple of songs on the album.

Did The Weeknd go to college?

No. The Weeknd did not go to college. He went to Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute but he did not finish

Did The Weeknd drop out of high school?

Yes. The Weeknd dropped out of high school. He attended Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute but did not graduate because he dropped out.

Some Of The Weeknd'S 40 Most Asked Questions Will Surprise You, Yours Truly, Artists, August 18, 2022

Did The Weeknd write blinding lights?

Yes. The Weeknd wrote  “Blinding Lights” alongside a few other songwriters, Ahmed Balshe, Jason Quenneville, Max Martin and Oscar Holter.

Does The Weeknd have kids?

No. The Weeknd does not have any kids. He has had a few highly publicized relationships but does not have kids.

Does The Weeknd use autotune?

Yes. The Weeknd uses autotune. He uses the tuning application to correct the pitches on his voice when he records.

Does The Weeknd have tattoos?

This is not known. The Weeknd does not have any visible tattoos. He has never shared any photos of any tattoos.

Does The Weeknd have siblings?

No. The Weeknd does not have any siblings because he is an only child. His grandmother and mother raised him.

Does The Weeknd have a girlfriend?

Yes. The Weeknd has a girlfriend. He has been dating model Bella Hadid for many years now. They are still together.

Does The Weeknd have a wife (married)?

No. The Weekend is not married. He has been in an on-and-off relationship with American model, Bella Hadid for years.

Has The Weeknd won any awards?

Yes. The Weekend has won many awards. He has won multiple Grammy Awards, Juno Awards, MTV VMA, AMAs, and more.

Has The Weeknd gone diamond?

Yes. The Weeknd has a diamond single. On June 2019, his number one song, “The Hills” became his first song to go diamond.

Some Of The Weeknd'S 40 Most Asked Questions Will Surprise You, Yours Truly, Artists, August 18, 2022

Has The Weeknd performed at the super bowl?

Yes. The Weeknd has performed at the Super Bowl. In 2021, The Weekend performed at the Super Bowl LV Halftime Show.

Has The Weeknd had plastic surgery?

The Weeknd has not spoken about ever having plastic surgery. He is known to change his looks for his music videos.

Who has The Weeknd dated?

The Weeknd has been romantically linked to various celebs including Angelina Jolie, Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, Rosalia, Chantel Jeffries, and Yovanna Ventura.

How The Weeknd got his name?

The Weeknd’s name is a tribute to when he and his best friend dropped out of school and never went back home.

How The Weeknd got famous?

The Weeknd got popular by releasing music anonymously online. His music was posted under the name “The Weeknd” which gained attention.

How The Weeknd blew up?

The Weeknd blew up after posting music anonymously online and attracting attention. His big break came when he collaborated with Ariana Grande.

How The Weeknd learn to sing?

The Weekend has always had an amazing voice. He honed his talents under the guidance of vocal coach, Ron Anderson.

How The Weeknd writes songs?

Before he became a singer, The Weeknd wanted to be a Lyricist. He is known to write about his personal experiences.

What's The Weeknd's net worth?

The Weeknd is worth around $200 million. According to Forbes, he made a whopping $92 million in 2017. He makes millions every single year.

Is The Weeknd Canadian?

Yes. The Weeknd is Canadian. He was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Ethiopian migrant parents.

Is The Weeknd single?

No. The Weeknd is not single. He has been dating American model, Bella Hadid for years now. The couple has an on-and-off again relationship.

Is The Weeknd Hispanic?

No. The Weeknd is not Hispanic. He was born to Ethiopian immigrant parents. He is a black Canadian man with African roots.

Is The Weeknd a rapper?

No. The Weeknd is not a rapper. He is popular for his lyricism which stands out in his music. He only sings.

Is The Weeknd R&B?

Yes. The Weeknd is an R&B artist and also a pop artist. He has released several R&B singles and projects.

Is The Weeknd Ethiopian?

Yes. The Weeknd has Ethiopian roots. Both his parents immigrated from Ethiopia to Canada where he was born and raised.

Was The Weeknd on American idol?

No. The Weeknd was not a contestant on American Idol. However, his songs have been covered by various contestant on the show.

Was The Weeknd signed to OVO?

Years back, there were rumors that The Weeknd would sign to OVO Sound. However, he decided against it, leading to some tension between his and Drake’s camps. It is said to have also affected their friendship.

Was The Weeknd on the voice?

No. The Weeknd was not on The Voice. However, his songs have been covered on the show on several occasions. They have been sung by contestants during auditions, and also in the Live show.

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