Best 15 Gqom Mix In 2023

Here’s a list of the best 15 Gqom mixes you can jam to.

1. DJ Ice Flake – Backyard Gqom Session 2023 Mix

If anyone has earned massive recognition for his mixes on the Gqom scene, it most certainly is DJ Flakes. He has made a couple of entries into the airwaves this year and earned praise for his efforts. On the “Backyard Gqom Session 2023 Mix,” he goes all out and delivers.

2. DJ Vigi – Best Gqom Mix March 2023

DJ Vigi may not be one of the most popular hitmakers on the scene, but he is certainly making his way to the top. It has been a very active year for him, and he has blessed the scene with good music. He had a song with Cairo CPT dropping soon. It is titled “Shisha.” He did a great job on the “Best Gqom Mix March 2023.”


3. DJ Tira, Dladla Mshunqisi, Tipcee – Gqom Mix 2023 Mampintsha Shimora Ngeke Ngivume

We aren’t sure precisely who put this mix together, but it’s an ear-catcher. No doubt, Gqom is a party. From the moment the beat starts playing, you are basically calling people to dance and have a great time. Thanks to hitmakers like DJ Tira, Dladla Mshunqisi, Tipcee, the late Mampintsha, and more, the genre has been well promoted.


4. DJ Pepino – Welcome 2023 Gqom Mix

We don’t know how much attention you’ve paid to DJ Pepino, but he has indeed distinguished himself from the rest. We knew him as the “Woza Pepino” hitmaker. The song featured Asambeni and was released in early January. He has since earned a reputation as a mix-creator because he always gets it right.

5. DJ Pepino – Gqom Party Mix 2023

DJ Pepino is another hard worker on the list. Well, they all are. Pepino has gained admirers for his music. He dropped the infectious hit “Woza Pepino,” featuring Asambeni, in January 2022. He also dropped the “Welcome 2023 Gqom Mix,” and the fans loved it. He is also known for the “Come Back Gqom Mix,” “Sugar July Mix 2022,” etc. All of his entries have been well received.

6. DJ Vigi – Best Gqom Mix 2023

DJ Vigi is slowly creeping into everyone’s radar. He has mastered the art of remixing hit songs or songs by artists or DJs he admires, and he always makes good music out of them. In March, he released the “Best Gqom Mix March 2023” and did an impressive job on it. He now titled this one “Best Gqom Mix 2023.”

7. Mr Thela – (PH)ola Cape Town ’22

Mr Thela’s rise to the top of the Gqom scene has been impressive to watch. His efforts this year have been well-received. He recently appeared alongside Nobantu Vilakazi, Sykes, and Blaq Kiidd to feature on DJ Tira’s “Data.” As a lead artist, he delivered hits including “Thunderstorm,” “iMali,” featuring Nobantu Vilakazi, “Hamba Nathi” with Sino Msolo, and more. He has surely been doing the most.

8. DJ Ice Flake – WeekendFix 66

There is nothing calm about DJ Ice Flake’s mixes. Once he takes over the turn table, we are certain he will deliver. He dropped the “Backyard Gqom Session 2023 Mix” this year, which was a banger. He also dropped several episodes of “The Ice Flake Show,” and fans were very well entertained. You should check out his “WeekendFix 66” mix.

9. Pro-Tee – Ultraselection 21 (New Years Mix [Tribute To Mampintsha]

You can say that making and dishing mixes is one of Pro-tee’s most vital skills. The Gqom hitmaker has had years of practice, and he always delivers. He also does an excellent job on singles. In June this year, he teamed up with Qveen-rsa, Mzwilili, and Kitso Nave to contribute to Dr. Dope’s “Hamba Wena.”

10. General C’mamane – Spring Break Gqom Mix

There is no better way to describe General C’mamane’s worth ethic this year than to call it “impressive.” The Gqom star has been on a mission to dominate the scene with good music. He has blessed the scene with solo entries, including “E-Wallet,” “Controller,” “Mlazi Gangster,” “iSthin’ iStory 2.0,” “War,” and more. He also did a fantastic job on this mix.

11. DJ Lee SA – Amaketanga (Full Album Mix)

We must confess that there are DJs we are watching to see where life takes them. DJ Lee SA is one hitmaker who believes in his process. Why else would he release the song “SlowlyButSurely” as his first official single? He is also known for “Amapolisa,” which also dropped in 2022. He has also dropped several mixes, including this one inspired by Goldmax’s latest album.

12. Mr. Thela – Tronics Land Series 1 Live Session With Skyy Vodka

Gqom star Mr Thela has been on a great run this year. He teamed up with Nobantu Vilakazi, Sykes, and Blaq Kiidd to feature on DJ Tira’s “Data.” As a lead artist, he has dropped hits including “Thunderstorm,” “iMali,” featuring Nobantu Vilakazi, “Hamba Nathi” with Sino Msolo, etc. His “Tronics Land Series 1 Live Session With Skyy Vodka” is an energetic banger.


13. Mr Mno – Gqom Mix Vol 2

You should know that Mr. Mno is charting his own course on the Gqom scene. A few months back, he collaborated with Spar Wabo on the song “Air Flight,” they did a fantastic job. Last year, he dropped the “Forever Grateful” EP, which housed seven tracks. The EP helped gain him some attention. He’s been doing a great job with his mixes.

14. DJ Vigi – Gqom Mix 2023 (Umlilo Wodwa)

DJ Vigi makes a third appearance on this list due to his consistency. Search for “Gqom Mix” on YouTube, and you’ll find many hits to his work. We must applaud all of his efforts because they’ve been great. He is known for the “Best Gqom Mix March 2023,” “Best Gqom Mix,” and song remixes he has dropped this year.

15. DJ Lee SA – Gqom Mix 2023 (Friday Mix 02 June)

If DJ Lee SA isn’t making solo music, he will create a dope mix. The talented Gqom DJ is known for the song “SlowlyButSurely,” which was released as his first official single. He also dropped the song “Amapolisa” in 2022. Lee SA has released several mixes, including the “Amaketanga (Full Album Mix)” inspired by Goldmax’s latest album and more. Check this impressive one out, too.

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