Artists Summary: Pia Mia, Elliphant, Benny Benassi, Little Mix, Ghetto Flow & Demarco

Pia Mia: Pia Mia has been making waves in the music industry with her unique blend of pop and R&B. Her latest single has been receiving positive reviews from fans and critics alike. The talented artist has also been spotted collaborating with other artists, hinting at exciting new projects on the horizon.

Elliphant: Elliphant has been keeping busy in the music scene, continuing to push boundaries with her genre-blending sound. Fans can expect fresh and innovative music from her in the near future, as she has teased upcoming releases that promise to be nothing short of captivating.

Benny Benassi: Benny Benassi, the renowned DJ and producer, has been a constant presence in the electronic dance music scene. Known for his infectious beats and energetic performances, he’s been a favorite at festivals and clubs worldwide. Stay tuned for more electrifying tracks and DJ sets from this music maestro.

Little Mix: Little Mix, the popular British girl group, has been in the spotlight for their chart-topping hits and empowering anthems. Despite member changes, the group remains a force to be reckoned with, and fans eagerly await their next album and tour.

Ghetto Flow: Ghetto Flow has been making headlines with their fresh take on urban music. Their unique style and collaborations have garnered attention, and their upcoming projects are expected to keep the momentum going.

Demarco: Demarco, known for his dancehall and reggae tracks, has a loyal fan base and a string of hits. He has been working on new music that’s likely to captivate listeners and continue his musical journey.

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