Best 7 RSS Feed Readers For Android, Windows & iOS

Do you enjoy reading blogs and the news to stay current but detest searching the Internet for new information? If so, RSS feeds are what you need to look for. A simple page or feed that displays data from various websites in one location is what RSS is, although most of you may already be aware of this. Multiple platforms’ RSS readers can be used to source this news and bring them to you. Since about 2000, website updates have been distributed using Really Simple Syndication (RSS), also known as “Rich Site Summary.” With these RSS readers, you can access your preferred online content whenever and wherever.

Best 7 Rss Feed Readers For Android, Windows &Amp; Ios, Yours Truly, Articles, May 27, 2024

It gathers online content from the websites, blogs, or news sources of your choice and displays all the most recent updates on that page. You are no longer required to visit numerous websites, wasting time. You could say it will provide new content rather than requiring you to search for it. This feature saves you the hassle of manually searching for new content by automatically curating and organizing the latest updates in one convenient location. Aggregating content from various sources ensures you stay up-to-date with the latest information without navigating multiple websites or blogs.

Best 7 Rss Feed Readers For Android, Windows &Amp; Ios, Yours Truly, Articles, May 27, 2024

Utilizing RSS readers will allow you to read the RSS feeds. You can conveniently use these to browse the content of all potential websites, blogs, and news sources. Therefore, let’s examine the top RSS reader applications for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows without further ado. These applications offer a user-friendly interface and customizable features to enhance your reading experience. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or advanced filtering options, an RSS reader is available for every platform that suits your needs. So, let’s dive into the list and discover the perfect RSS reader for you!


Best RSS Readers

Android Inoreader, News Break, gReader, Feedly, Aggregator
Windows Inoreader, ContentStudio, Feedly
iOS Feedly, Inoreader, ContentStudio, Linkship


Inoreader (Android, Windows, iOS)

Best 7 Rss Feed Readers For Android, Windows &Amp; Ios, Yours Truly, Articles, May 27, 2024

One of the free RSS readers on this list with the most features is Inoreader. Free of charge, you can search within your subscriptions and subscribe to over 150 feeds. Inoreader doesn’t have limited-time archives, unlike most RSS apps, which only temporarily store content. Everything you read is permanently archived, including your content. You can use tags to separate individual articles as you read them and folders to organize your feeds to stay organized.

Inoreader is a fantastic RSS feed app because of this, and it’s also very user-friendly for beginners. Even if you’ve never used RSS before, it’s simple to get started using the app because, after signing up, you’re led through a tutorial that explains how to use the key features.

Best 7 Rss Feed Readers For Android, Windows &Amp; Ios, Yours Truly, Articles, May 27, 2024

You can get even more features by upgrading to one of Inoreader’s premium subscriptions. Add feeds for Facebook Pages or Twitter profiles, create sophisticated rules for organizing your content into folders and tags, and personalize your dashboard to display the most appealing content when you log in. It’s practical for anyone who needs to monitor several different areas. With Inoreader’s Zapier integration, you can link it to countless other apps. This enables you to compile saved articles in a Google spreadsheet or automatically save starred articles to Pocket and Instapaper.

News Break (Android)

Best 7 Rss Feed Readers For Android, Windows &Amp; Ios, Yours Truly, Articles, May 27, 2024

An AI-driven RSS feed reader called News Break compiles news articles and videos worldwide. Local news feeds appear in the app when you enter your zip code. In addition to what is on your feed, it offers breaking news and real-time updates on other subjects. News Break is not limited to local news feeds based on your zip code; it goes beyond that by providing breaking news and real-time updates on various topics. This ensures that users stay informed about the latest developments worldwide, making it a comprehensive and dynamic source of news and information.

More than 10,000 local news sources are automatically retrieved by News Break, which also keeps track of nearby businesses and disseminates comments on news stories. Constant notifications and a lack of significant national news are drawbacks. A wide range of local news sources ensures that users can access diverse perspectives and information. Either way, the ability to track nearby businesses can benefit individuals looking for local services or deals in their area.

gReader (Android)

Best 7 Rss Feed Readers For Android, Windows &Amp; Ios, Yours Truly, Articles, May 27, 2024

A straightforward, accessible, and ad-supported RSS reader that works well is gReader. To read and consume content, you can add or import RSS feeds. After that, you can select from a few views. Volume keys and gestures are supported, but only to a certain extent. Overall, gReader offers a user-friendly interface and enables simple article navigation. However, the gesture and volume key options might not be sufficiently customizable or functional for some users. Despite these drawbacks, gReader is still a solid option for those looking for a simple RSS reader experience.

Best 7 Rss Feed Readers For Android, Windows &Amp; Ios, Yours Truly, Articles, May 27, 2024


Although there is support for font size, dark mode, and notifications, these features are lacking, especially for seasoned and devoted readers. This is a good solution if you want to “get your feet wet” in the RSS world and are new to it. Some advantages are the ability to customize the user interface, read offline, use dark mode, and support gestures. Some drawbacks include no folder support, limited notifications, and no automatic site or RSS feed detection.

Feedly (Android, Windows, iOS)

Best 7 Rss Feed Readers For Android, Windows &Amp; Ios, Yours Truly, Articles, May 27, 2024

Feedly is the most popular web-based RSS feed reader. Due to their attractive interface, photos improve the reader’s experience. It is used for things besides RSS feeds. It can also be used to subscribe to your YouTube channel, blogs, and magazines.

Feedly’s Basic edition is free. It has three feeds, three boards, and up to 100 sources. It can be accessed online on Windows and Mac computers and through iOS and Android mobile device apps. Feedly has been the industry standard for web-based RSS readers for a while now. It’s not difficult to understand why; its straightforward and uncomplicated interface is an excellent option for both casual readers who want to view all of their websites in one location and power users who want to utilize every feature RSS apps have to offer.

Best 7 Rss Feed Readers For Android, Windows &Amp; Ios, Yours Truly, Articles, May 27, 2024

Most features that casual readers require are available in Feedly’s free plan. Watch YouTube videos, group your favourite websites into three folders, follow up to 100 sources, read full-text articles in a distraction-free, minimalist view, and watch YouTube videos. You can easily access subscriptions at home and on the go with the help of Feedly’s mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Aggregator (Windows)

Best 7 Rss Feed Readers For Android, Windows &Amp; Ios, Yours Truly, Articles, May 27, 2024

Aggregator is a less well-known but influential option for Android RSS readers. It has essential components. The most recent news from almost any website you follow will appear in the feed. It has dark and light themes, supports OPML files, and supports RSS and Atom. The app is quite simple to use and uses Material Design. With this one, the screenshots that follow do tell the entire tale. It is accessible without ads, which is always a plus. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a revision since 2018. Users will be hoping that the developers didn’t give up on it, but since it’s currently accessible, you won’t lose any money if they do.

The app offers a seamless reading experience with its clean interface and intuitive navigation. It allows users to easily organize and categorize their feeds, ensuring a personalized and efficient browsing experience. However, without regular updates, it’s uncertain whether the app will continue to adapt to changing technologies and user needs in the future. Nonetheless, it remains a reliable choice for those seeking a straightforward and ad-free RSS reader.

ContentStudio (Windows, iOS)

Best 7 Rss Feed Readers For Android, Windows &Amp; Ios, Yours Truly, Articles, May 27, 2024

Working on your business is enough to occupy a full day, but keeping up with all the topics you work with can be difficult, mainly since social media platforms aren’t great for analysis per se. Additionally, ContentStudio has tried to automate content posting to blogs and social media. With the help of this feature, you can set auto-posting to identify sources or keywords and send content to the channels of your choice. Before publishing, you can edit or approve the content if you’d like. Despite the unique features, you get everything you need. With ContentStudio, you can schedule posts, view analytics across all channels, and subscribe to RSS feeds. To manage direct messages, a team inbox and collaboration tools are accessible to create workflows, tasks, and checklists.

Here’s a brief How-To-Do: Hover your cursor over the Discover button in the top menu and select Content Feed. Add the topics you want to track first. You can easily switch between these because they will be accessible from the left-side menu. You can also access Cover Stories and Trending News to see how the Internet is generally pulsing. You can view a few metrics for each piece of content in the feed, such as the overall engagement of a news article or a social media post and the online sentiment for each. Hover over the story and select the Share button to share it in your feeds. With the post composer now open, you can leave a few comments to contextualize why your audience should care about this. You can track more than just news and content pieces. You can keep track of the most well-known Instagram and Twitter influencers using ContentStudio. Group them into lists rather than creating a hall of fame to see how your rivals’ accounts perform.

Best 7 Rss Feed Readers For Android, Windows &Amp; Ios, Yours Truly, Articles, May 27, 2024

ContentStudio added a few automation recipes to do some of your work for you so you have more time to research trends and influencers. Out of the seven recipes, you can recycle your evergreen content regularly or bulk schedule posts from a CSV file, allowing new followers to see your best content without upsetting your devoted followers by consistently posting the same thing. Tumblr is now included in the list of major social media sites that ContentStudio connects with. It also connects with Zapier, allowing you to automate data transfers between all the other apps in your tech stack. The starting plan costs $25 per month and offers up to 10,000 AI-generated words and 10 AI-generated images per month across five social media accounts.

Linkship (iOS)

Best 7 Rss Feed Readers For Android, Windows &Amp; Ios, Yours Truly, Articles, May 27, 2024

Use Linkship to save articles, tweets, recipes, tutorials, and links that sound interesting but don’t have time to read immediately. You can access your saved links in your preferred news feed reader by adding them to a customized RSS feed. Ads and tracking violating your privacy are absent in articles you save to your feed. There is content from numerous social media websites, well-known recipe websites, YouTube videos, and others.

Although the Linkship app includes a built-in reader, you can use your current RSS news reader to manage your reading list. It distributes articles and videos using “TLDR” summaries powered by machine learning. From the in-app settings menu, enable it. By enabling the “TLDR” summaries feature in the in-app settings menu, you can conveniently receive concise summaries of articles and videos. This allows you to efficiently manage your reading list while utilizing your preferred RSS news reader.

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