2023 Oscars: Tems Receives Criticism For Awards Outfit

Netizens are talking about Tems and the “view-blocking” Oscars dress she wore. With an enormous headdress obscuring the people’s view behind her, the award-winning Nigerian musician looked stunning in her Lever Couture SS23 outfit.

Videos online depict attendees seated behind Tems attempting to see the stage by peering over her dress. Twitter users have since reacted to Tems’ attire by labeling her “rude” and “selfish,” among other things.

2023 Oscars: Tems Receives Criticism For Awards Outfit, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 20242023 Oscars: Tems Receives Criticism For Awards Outfit, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 20242023 Oscars: Tems Receives Criticism For Awards Outfit, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

See more reactions below:

Tweeter Date Tweet
Olamide0fficial Someone wore a duvet to an event few days ago but Tems’ dress is where you all draw the line. Nonsense 😂
jay_onair 4h Big Tems For Real! 😌 #oscars
iMotivateAfrica 4h I just hear Tems side of the story, wetin those people wey dey her back for Oscar do no good. She actually gave them tems and condition. 😂😂
yabaleftonline 5h On a scale of 1-10, rate Tems 2023 Oscars outfit.
niffwizzy15 6h What’s the essence of this Tems dress ?
fumzeeygold 6h Superstar Nigerian musicians before Fame. A SHORT THREAD! 1. Tems🔥
tuoyotosan11 6h What’s your opinion about this tems dress
attah_akor 6h Nobody Tems: Nobody Tems:
usman__haruna 6h Oscars or not…Tems has shown us that being naked or exposing sensitive body parts is not necessary to be relevant and successful in the music industry 🥴 🥴
_AsiwajuLerry 6h Let us put sentiments aside, Wetin Tems do the people behind her no good at all
ch_deerah 7h Please, I support women’s rights but most especially I support BLACK women’s wrongs too. You Nigerians are even very stupid. You know Tems did not mean to block anybody and I’m sure she’ll apologise but you’ll follow colonisers to insult her. Can’t stand you.
yabaleftonline 7h Tems criticized for view-blocking outfit at Oscars 2023.
OneJoblessBoy 8h Tems stole the show at the #Oscars
mrmedina 8h I’m cryinnnnnnn tems got that lady fighting for her life
Naija_PR 11h Tems hit Oscars
Phil_Lewis_ 13h Tems at the #Oscars
saintdoII 15h TEMS IN THIS LEVER SS23 COUTURE!! look of the night by far

The “Dress Fail” aside, Tems has been on a remarkable astronomical rise to fame and, in quite a short time, has seen herself grace top Award shows where she has also been nominated, including the Grammys and Oscars.

In an interview, she was honest about her emotions after learning she had been nominated for an Oscar, expressing satisfaction and hope for her future success. She understood that this nomination allowed her to consider her journey, in which she felt great joy.

Tems continued by expressing her admiration for Rihanna, another nominee, whom she described as one of the biggest musical icons in the world. Tems carefully expressed gratitude for the accomplished and powerful celebrity during their second collaboration. Tems confirmed that she would be pleased to collaborate with Rihanna again.

Tems’ career reached a turning point with her nomination at the 2023 Oscars, and it is admirable that she is accessible to the media and supportive of her other nominees. Tems’ achievements in the industry merit praise, and the interview made clear how enthusiastic and adventurous she is—qualities that should be kept an eye on in the coming months.

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