Madonna Receives Criticism For Fusing “Avatar” And “Avatar: The Last Airbender”

Pop icon Madonna was unable to discern between James Cameron’s “Avatar” and “Avatar the Last Airbender” on Nickelodeon. After simultaneously employing the “Avatar the Last Airbender” soundtrack and the blue “Avatar” camera filter, the “Material Girl” singer is reportedly receiving a lot of trolling on social media.

The 64-year-old singer came on her TikTok account on Sunday, November 20, to post a video of herself and her children using the blue Avatar filter. It became interesting that she chose to include the soundtrack from “Avatar the Last Airbender” to the video. Many social media users who noticed the error that Madonna was applying the incorrect sound and went off on her in the comments section.

“WRONG AVATAR GIRLLL,” one person wrote, while another chimed in: “mother the audio you used is from Avatar: The Last Airbender, an amazing cartoon from nikelodeon.”

Some others found it funny and joked around while another category of persons rallied round the iconic singer in defense. Just a few days prior to Madonna’s TikTok video, she was embroiled in a feud with 50 Cent.

The American rapper has previously made fun of the iconic singer on numerous occasions, including in response to a string of Instagram posts from last year in which he called the performer “shot out.” Following 50 Cent’s criticism of her in his social media post, Madonna later pleaded for people to quit “bullying” her.

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