21 Savage Reveals ‘AMERICAN DREAM’ Biopic Won’t Be Released; Calls It A ‘Parody’ In Interview

Despite American Dream: The 21 Savage Story being referred to as his “debut film” in a press release by his record label Epic, rapper 21 Savage has made it clear that a feature-length motion picture will not accompany his most recent album. The rapper had shared a teaser poster a week before the release featuring himself, Donald Glover, and Caleb McLaughlin. He then released the official trailer for the project, which turned out to be a music video for his song “All of Me.” The music video stars McLaughlin as a young 21 Savage and Glover as him a few years later as he enters the rap industry. The video also includes cameos from Druski, Young Mazino, and others. The American Dream biopic featured a number of scenes that portrayed the Southern MC’s journey. One of those scenes depicted him being bullied at school, while others showed him moving around the streets of Atlanta and meeting Metro Boomin, who played a significant role in his rise to fame. The pre-sale for the album was promoted as “music inspired by the film,” emphasizing the link between the rapper’s music and the biopic even more.

The Atlanta rapper made a surprising confession during an episode of Club Shay Shay that premiered on January 24. He revealed that the biopic was, in fact, a prank all along. Although he mentioned it as if it were already understood, his fans and followers were shocked. The revelation sparked much discussion and speculation about the true nature of the biopic and its purpose.

He said,

“That was a parody,” “I feel like it could be [a real movie] one day. They’ll hate on it now though, ’cause they going to be like, ‘What the fuck 21 Savage deserve a story for? […] What he did?’”

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