Actor, Pat Attah Confirms To Dating Genevieve

Veteran Nollywood performer Pat Attah, also known as Patrick Uchenna Attah, has revealed that he dated Genevieve Nnaji for two years before they broke up. In an interview with media personality MecksoncrownBTV, Attah made this disclosure. Attah claimed that he had a committed relationship with Genevieve. He further mentioned that their breakup was amicable and that they both moved on with their lives. Attah admired Genevieve’s talent and success in the film industry, emphasizing that their past relationship did not affect their professional rapport.

Actor, Pat Attah Confirms To Dating Genevieve, Yours Truly, News, May 20, 2024

He insisted that it was inevitable and timely for them to part ways. He believed their goals and aspirations had diverged too much, making it impossible for them to continue together. He also emphasized that this decision would allow them both to pursue their paths and find happiness in their journeys. The performer said,

“We had something going. We were both serious, but we had to break up for some reason.“That does not mean our relationship was not serious. We dated for two years thereabout,” When asked if the relationship was secret, “No, it was not. We were serious with each other and went to places together.”


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