Peruzzi Reveals Involvement In Davido’s ‘Unavailable’ And ‘Risky’ Hits In New Freestyle

Peruzzi, a Nigerian musician and songwriter, has revealed how he contributed to two superstar Davido’s famous songs in an unexpected turn of events. Fans were stunned by the surprising way the information was disclosed and left wondering about the dynamics of their collaboration. Peruzzi signed with Golden Boy Records in 2016, marking the start of his musical career. But he made his breakthrough in 2018 when he signed with Davido Music Worldwide.

Peruzzi and Davido have collaborated on several chart-topping hits. However, fans were surprised to learn that Peruzzi had a significant role in crafting some of Davido’s most popular songs. While it was speculated that Peruzzi had been writing songs for Davido, it was never officially confirmed until now, even though his name was reportedly included in the song credits. Peruzzi revealed while freestyling rap in a video, indicating his involvement with a grin.

“What’d you expect when I wrote ‘Risky’… When I wrote ‘Unavailable,’ I was still unavailable. I did it though, see the outcome, unbelievable (sic).”

Well-known tunes, including “Unavailable” and “Risky”, have topped the charts. Fans were nevertheless amazed and grateful for Peruzzi’s skill when they learned that he wrote a substantial portion of these songs.

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