Adekunle Gold Reschedules His OVO Arena Gig In London

Afrobeats sensation, Adekunle Gold has been forced to postpone his London show at the OVO Wimbley Arena, one of the chosen venues for his “Tequila Ever After” UK tour.

The artist, whose latest album “Tequila Ever After” recently made him a fan favorite, kicked off his world tour in support of the new release and to bring fans some of that sizzling AG Baby showmanship. However, his fans felt disappointed to discover that his OVO Arena show had been rescheduled for a new date much farther in time from the former.

It was stated in a promoter statement that “unforeseen circumstances” were the reason for the concert’s cancellation. November 5, 2023, had been the initially announced date, but has now been rescheduled for March 4, 2024. The statement also made it clear that all tickets purchased will retain their validity till the newly-set date.

Adekunle Gold Reschedules His Ovo Arena Gig In London, Yours Truly, News, February 23, 2024

As one of the most reliable musicians of the past ten years, Adekunle Gold has carved out a unique place for himself in the lengthy history of Afrobeats. With five albums under his belt, a history of releasing continental hits each year, and an uncanny ability to tweak his design sense, Adekunle continues to pave the way for more inventiveness.

This innate quality has permeated every aspect of his creative process, guaranteeing that no two albums are same and that the storytelling is skillfully composed for seamless listening, which makes his fans more eager for what is to come.

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