Adekunle Gold Tackles The Troll Who Criticized Simi For Blocking Him

Afrobeats singer Adekunle Gold recently replied to a troll on social media who took a swipe at his wife, Simi, for blocking him on X (formerly Twitter).

The singer seems to be preparing herself gradually for the release of additional music in 2024. But in the middle of all the hype and expectation, a troll on social media posted a screenshot showing that Simi had blocked him. The troll continued by questioning Adekunle Gold, who is purportedly Simi’s husband, about why, despite being a lover of her music, his wife had blocked him.

Fans are curious to learn more about Simi’s reasoning for blocking the troll, as the scenario has aroused eyebrows and curiosity. “E pain you abi e no pain you?” was the humorous comment the AG Baby made in response to the troll’s post.

Additionally, Simi recently got into a verbal conflict with a troll who made fun of her looks. Simi posted a picture of herself getting her hair done at a salon, most likely for a braiding session, on Snapchat Posing with her hairstylist to show off her new hairstyle to her thousands of admirers, Simi looked happy in the photo.

A troll took advantage of the occasion to pick on Simi’s physical characteristics, particularly her forehead, but Simi responded to the troll with grace.

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